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Antonio Sannino

Born in 1959 in Naples, Antonio Sannino now lives and works in Naples and Rome.

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Umberto Ciceri

Born in Milan in 1961, Ciceri now lives and works in Barcelona and Bologna

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Omar Galliani

Born in 1954 in Montecchio

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Zhuang Hong Yi

Born in 1962 in Sichuan Province (China), Zhuang Hong Yi now lives and works in Holland & Beijing.

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Seo Young-Deok

Seo Young-Deok was born in 1984 in South Korea, where he still lives and works.

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Marco Grassi - GRAMA

Born in Milan in 1966, Grassi now lives and works in Lugano (Switzerland).

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Peter Demetz

Born in Bolzano (Italy) in 1969, Demetz now lives and works in the Italian town of Ortisei.

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Elisa Anfuso

Born in 1982 in Catania (Italy), Elisa Anfuso continues to live and work in her hometown.

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Matteo Pugliese

Matteo Pugliese was born in 1969 in Milan, where he continues to live and work.

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Art Fairs

Liquid art system

MAY 3-6 | 2018


Oscura Luce (Dark Ligth) in Palermo

Roberto Ferri at Palermo University - 19th of May - 10th of June 2018


Oscura Luce (Dark Light) in Milano

Roberto Ferri at the Fondazione Stelline - 14th March - 1st April 2018

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