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Attilio Cianni

Attilio Cianni was born in Cetraro in 1986. He lives and works in Voghera
Height 180 cm - Width 150 cm
Height 150 cm – Width 150 cm
Attilio Cianni
More about Attilio Cianni
When modern hyperrealism meets the Renaissance, the fusion of the two ages and two styles can only be surprising: a kind of composition that tends to surrealism despite preserving both the coldness of realism and the moderation of the traditional art. Indeed, Attilio Cianni's women, depicted in their cold beauty, almost always in a profile reminding of the great masters of the 15th century like Piero della Francesca, stand out in the foreground with their flowery clothes and colourful against backgrounds whose rarefaction compare to the landscapes and skyscapes by Giovanni Bellini. Attilio Cianni, a master in the technique of oil on aluminium enriched by gold leaf, proposes a kind of painting aiming at beauty, where the calm of the form causes sublimation in the viewer, as if the artist's task – also in current times climate – is to propose a model of ideal perfection where the kosmos prevails over chaos, nature that forms from the disintegration of inorganic matter.