Attilio Cianni

Attilio Cianni

Attilio Cianni was born in Cetraro in 1986. He lives and works in Voghera

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Attilio Cianni was born in Cetraro in the province of Cosenza on March 12, 1986.
Figurative painter, realist and hyperrealist, from an early age he nurtured a strong passion for music and drawing. Private accordion school, Academy and Conservatory train the artist and the musician. The three years of Jazz Music will consolidate the technical knowledge of his beloved instrument the accordion, but also of the piano. In 2013 he won the Italian Accordion Championship and was among the finalists at the World Cup in Canada. Enrolled in the SIAE as an author and composer, he cultivates both music and design with professionalism and passion.
In 2005 he graduated as a ceramist and master of art in his hometown. Later he moved to Voghera in the province of Pavia where he now lives and works full time as a painter and as a musician. Self-taught he learns to paint in oil; subsequently he dedicated himself to hyper-realistic drawings in black and white (graphite and charcoal) using cardboard glued on board as supports and began a series of innovative experiments such as painting that makes the final result shiny and photographic to the point of deceiving the eye even of experts convinced to see a photographic image in front of his works, the result of hours of work to obtain the maximum precision of every single detail.
At Mario Donizetti's studio he perfected himself in drawing from life and learned the encaustic pastel technique and the egg yolk technique. He paints exclusively on supports made by him personally such as plates prepared with gypsum canvas and animal glues, sheets of paper prepared for drawing with a silver tip, cardboard glued on board for drawings in black and white and in tempera and recently he also begins to paint on plates aluminum of large sizes always treated with plaster.
Very young he is already the protagonist of numerous collective exhibitions and Contemporary Art Awards where invariably prestigious prizes and awards testify to his talent. His art expresses the desire to sink its roots in the past, from the Greeks to the Renaissance, and in the search for perfection and beauty, but at the same time it is evident his ability to interpret the techniques of the great Renaissance masters through a modern language, evolving them with originals tricks that will make it a personal and innovative interpretation.
The drawing in his work is fundamental and the artist takes care of the details in an obsessive way, preparing himself by copying the works of the masters of the Italian Renaissance such as Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, etc. He makes their stroke his own through hours and hours of study and it can be clearly seen in his charcoal and graphite drawings characterized by a network of vibrations obtained only and exclusively using the hatching. In the search for a figurative language that is current, it expresses the soul of the subject through the Pathos; the vibrant spirit centered on the conceptuality of the work and the meticulous construction of the scene give great emotions to the observer who feels accompanied towards the perception of the Sublime. Contrasts of light and shadow and attention to detail therefore generate a realism beyond the "photographic".
Attilio Cianni deliberately abandons the stereotypical and standardized clichés of the more restrictive and traditionalist figural conception and obtains his own personalized stylistic line, while remaining well anchored to the rooted and consolidated canons at a classical academic level, which identify the basic orientations. He engages in exploring and probing the states and motions of the soul, dedicating himself to a very demanding and complex analytical research, which leads him to investigate and question the states of the soul. Attilio, as an artist of the soul, projects his representations into a vision, which goes beyond the photographic description and photographic reproduction as an end in itself, but moves and enters a plane of hidden introspection. He therefore explores the meanders and crevices of the mind and psyche, to the point of highlighting true feelings and pure and disarming emotions, without filters, without barriers. His is a pictorial formula made up of passionate emotional drives, without conditioning and constraints, without forcing upstream. Speaking and narrating, in its refined and elegant scenic compositions, are the notes of the soul, which with persuasive and gentle musicality wants to surface and emerge to reveal itself, a soul tired of wandering and dispersing in superficiality and carelessness.

Solo Exhibitions


Marzo, Mostra personale presso santuario della Bozzola Garlasco (PV)

Group Exhibitions


MAGGIO COLLETTIVA "CORRISPONDENZA DEGLI OPPOSTI" dall'astratto all'iperrealismo (voghera sala Pagano)


Ottobre, COLLETTIVA "ARTE MILANO" presso la Fabbrica del Vapore a cura di PHILIPPE DAVERIO


Aprile, COLLETTIVA "ARTE A PALAZZO" presso galleria Farini di Bologna a cura di Vittorio Sgarbi

Aprile, COLLETTIVA "WORKS ON PAPER" a Cremona presso struttura privata a cura di Elena Dagani

Marzo, COLLETTIVA "DAL DESIGN ALL'ARTE" MILANO presso spazio espositivo K a cura di Giorgio Grasso

Febbraio, PREMIO MUSEO MIIT (TORINO) si aggiudica il premio "museo MIIT prima edizione"

Gennaio, DOPPIA ESPOSIZIONE A MILANO IN via Kramer e via della spiga nella collettiva "ARTE E MODA A MILANO" a cura di Giorgio Grasso


Dicembre, COLLETTIVA "MAGISTER ARTIS" a Cava de tirreni (Salerno) a cura di Vittorio Sgarbi

riceve il riconoscimento "LEONE ALATO " come miglior giovane talento

Giugno, COLLETTIVA-PREMIO "ARTE SALERNO" a cura di Vittorio Sgarbi e Daniele Radini Tedeschi, vince il premio "ARTE SALERNO" ed il premio "UN ARTISTA A LONDRA"

Maggio, COLLETTIVA "DAL FIGURATIVO ALL'ASTRATTO" a Voghera (PV) presso sala Pagano a cura di R.Angeleri

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