Domenico Dell'Osso

Domenico Dell'Osso

Domenico Dell'Osso was born in 1975. He now lives an works among Puglia, Basilicata and Lombardia.

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Atto vandalico - Arcelor Mittal

Acrylic on canvas

Dimensions: Height 100 cm - Width 150 cm
Year: 2020

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Quando l’osare più ambizioso avvicina i traguardi

Acrylic on canvas

Dimensions: Height 180 cm - Width 150 cm
Year: 2021

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Domenico Dell'Osso Curriculum

He was born on May 1, 1975 and began painting at the age of 16. He mainly paints to know himself, based on philosophical theories centered on the unconscious. In his process of artistic creation he rejects the classic pictorial approach which foresees the externalization of the individual conquests of knowledge. He rather painting as a means for an inner deeper understanding; in this sense the works are not the fruit of his thoughts, but a lens aimed at understanding them.

He exhibits his works since 1993 and in the ten years to come, between personal and collective, he carries out various exhibitions throughout the national territory.

In 1998 a new artistic phase emerges, in which the one who will be the protagonist of his work in the years to come begins to be more and more present, with a form not yet fully defined: it is a character with a human body whose head is often replaced by objects or animal heads, according to its inner states. The following year some paintings from this cycle are exhibited in a solo show in Rome which, among the visitors, sees the presence of Gianmarco Tognazzi, Michele Santoro and Gianpiero Mughini.

In 2003 the critic and art historian Philippe Daverio, the director of the MUDIMA foundation Gino Di Maggio, Giampaolo Paci, Nicola Dimitri, Massimo Minini, Dante Vecchiato, Enrico Astuti and Diego Strazzer awarded him the first prize in the national Zuanazzi competition, for the he interactive work created with a collage of the most representative works of the last five years, thus closing the artistic phase begun in 1998. In these years the number of reviews of the sector press at national level has also grown. Since 2003 the artist's interest in digital art has also been born.

As Dell'Osso's inner research proceeds, his character increasingly assumes the features of the artist, becoming much more realistic, albeit with a rather cartoonish style. Thus began a new cycle of successes: after having qualified among the finalists the previous year, in 2007 he won the Mondadori Art Award and exhibited for the second time at the Palazzo della Permanente museum in Milan; The interest of the critics towards the artist explodes, favoring a further increase in prices. Among other magazines, in March of the same year, one of his works was published in Millionaire in a large article dedicated to investing in works of art as a business.

In 2008, the synthesis of the last artistic period was exhibited in a solo exhibition entitled "One day no" at the Marchina Gallery in Brescia. Dell’Osso is also selected by Paolo De Grandis for participation in the Open in Venice. Critics' interest consolidated with the victory of the Celeste Prize, after passing the selections curated by Gianluca Marziani and Ivan Quaroni. In addition to being a finalist for the Dalla Zorza Prize, another work is among the finalists of the Terna Prize, the same one broadcast by RAI for the TG1 report on 28 November. In August of the same year, in a collection issue of the monthly Arte Mondadori entitled "Who are the Italian artists", an extensive interview by Alessandra Redaelli entitled "But how long is the road to success" is dedicated to him. Furthermore, as part of "Rome Hometown", the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Rome, in collaboration with Terna S.P.A. exhibits, through large light projections, the work of Dell'Osso and the other finalists in the historic center of the capital, making them the protagonists of a large virtual exhibition that for ten days transforms Piazza del Campidoglio, Piazza Colonna and Piazza della Minerva into a large museum open sky.

In 2008 and 2009 Dell'Osso was included in the "Young Blood" yearbook, a collection of young Italian talents awarded in the world, a yearbook wanted by the Minister of Youth, presented on November 5, 2009 at Palazzo Chigi by ministers Giorgia Meloni and Franco Frattini as the best of Italian creativity. In the June 2009 magazine of Arte Mondadori, in a report by Stefano Castelli, one of his works exhibited at the Galleria Il Polittico (Rome) is listed among the 55 works by Italian artists to be purchased as the best investment. In 2009 Costa Cruises commissioned and purchased the Works for the interior design of the new ship "Costa Deliziosa" (including lithographs and original works, over 200 suites and cabins bear his signature). In September he moves to Matera.

In 2010 he was among the finalists for the Combat Prize. On 23 February 2011 Philippe Daverio and Martina Corgnati presented the "Art on board" catalog at the Milan Triennale, which sees Dell’Osso, with two entire pages dedicated to him), among the 30 leading artists of the COSTA CROCIERE collection. In the same month of February it is included among the national quotations in the Giornale dell’Arte (N ° 306). He exhibits at Affordable Art Fair in London. From 12 to 22 March 2011 as a finalist in the International Arte Laguna Prize curated by Igor Zanti, he exhibits in Venice at the Arsenale where he is awarded 2 special prizes, the event is broadcast by RAI Educational. In the magazine Inside Art of March 2011, in an article on international pop surrealism, he is defined by Igor Zanti as the "progenitor of the Italian pop surrealists as he has been producing for years a painting where all the classic elements of pop surrealism are present to such an extent that it can be defined such". Also in March he is among the 20 artists selected by Luca Beatrice and Valentina Pesati for the CERES Prize (where he ranks 2nd, both for the jury prize and for the web prize) and exhibits at the Lanificio Factory in Rome, at the MAMBO Museum in Bologna. at the Villa delle Rose headquarters, at the CENTRO PECCI Museum in Prato (from 16 September during the Ceres4Art events, stage of director Giovanni Veronesi and LIVE! Art meets Rock) and at the MADRE Museum in Naples. The events are broadcast by MTV. With this latest award, the artist achieves the distinction of having landed in the finals of all the major national awards. Since 2011 Dell’Osso has also started making the first digital works in animation. In September, in a solo exhibition of drawings entitled "Serenity is built by thinking positively" at the L’Occhio Gallery in Venice, all the works are sold in a short period of time (including Pino Donaggio among the buyers). Also in 2011 Dell’Osso was invited to participate in the 54th edition of the BIENNALE DI VENEZIA, at the ITALIAN PAVILION, curated by Vittorio Sgarbi, as an artist from Puglia. Over the past 3 years we have witnessed the rise in prices twice.

In February 2012 it was included again among the national quotations in the Giornale dell’Arte (N ° 317). He exhibits at Affordable Art Fair Milan. In December, the CERES company buys another work by Dell’Osso for its private collection. On 7 March 2013 he moved to Milan, was invited to participate in "Buste Dipinte" as part of the Festival of Letters and exhibited, in October, at the Spazio Oberdan and at the Teatro dal Verme. In November he is contacted by Caparezza for the realization of the work that will become the cover of the Museica album published by Universal Music, an album that a few months after its release wins the platinum record (award given by Fimi / Gfk for the large number of sales achieved) and the Tenco Award (the most authoritative of Italian music) as the best record of the year 2014. In December 2013 the Dell'Osso ArtGallery opens in Matera.

In March 2014 Luciano Benetton included Dell’Osso's works in the private collection of the Benetton Foundation, which has the intention of making it travel around the world through private institutions and public museums. In April a copy of the “Museica” painting is exhibited at the Luciana Matalon Foundation Museum in Milan; from the painting is also taken the scenography of the tour of Caparezza which will touch the major Italian cities. His work is presented in many television broadcasts, including: Videochat by Vincenzo Mollica, on RAI1, with a large space in which they talk about Dell’Osso and his artistic research; Those who football (RAI2); Che tempo che fa, with Fabio Fazio, on RAI3; Chiambretti Supermarket (ITALY1); Occupy Deejay on DeeJay TV, with an extensive interview; various on SkyArte, MTV and RAINews. His work also finds space on the main radio stations, such as RTL, Radio 105, RadioCapital, RDS, RAIRadio1, RAIRadio2, Radio Deejay, Radio Kiss Kiss, Radio Montecarlo, RadioR101, Popular Radio, Radionorba, etc ...

The personal research path, never interrupted, in the last 2 years leads Dell'Osso to mature an inner change that takes the form of an evolution of his pictorial subject, determining a fundamental step in the artist's career: the "omìni" are now more slender, morphologically projected towards adulthood. Some of these works are previewed at ArtVerona in October 2014. From the 16th of the same month, all the paintings in this cycle are exhibited in a solo exhibition entitled "It's Me" at the Federico Rui Contemporary Art Gallery in Milan; in November they will be on display at Arte Padova. From 3 to 10 December, as part of the Desideri allAsta initiative in support of the "stop torture" campaign, one of his prints donated to Amnesty International is put up for sale; the news is spread on the main social networks and on the official websites of donors, including Vasco Rossi, Afterhours and Raphael Gualazzi.

From 17 to 28 March 2016, the work created by Dell’Osso, belonging to the Rocco Siffredi private collection, becomes admirable in the 7 docu-reality episodes of CASA SIFFREDI, broadcast on the Mediaset La5 channel. On June 28, one of his works is used for the image and communication of the congress "business communication and business training through storytelling" held in Milan, at the Teatro di Vetro, Fabbrica di Lampadine, which sees speakers : Carlo Freccero and Leonardo Manera. In July, the Frankie Garage company produced the limited edition jersey that Dell’Osso designs for Matera Calcio. On the 28th of the same month in a group show that sees only 20 artists invited to participate (each representing their own region), Vittorio Sgarbi assigns Dell'Osso the Pio Alferano Award 2016 edition as winner of the "Genius Loci" exhibition in an evening presented by Nicola Porro and Sabrina Colle, and to Bianca Berlinguer, Tony Renis, Michele Ainis, Moni Ovadia, Pasquale d'Amicis, Arnauld Brejon De Lavergnée, Giuseppe Pagano, Franco Cuccureddu the lifetime achievement award.

In January 2017, the works of Dell'Osso, from the private collection of Giampaolo Rossi, are exhibited at the great party held in Milan, for Mario Luzzato Fegiz's seventy years, broadcast on RAI1 at "La Vita in Diretta" on 12 January 2017. In the same year, Universal Music chooses an Opera by Dell'Osso, for the cover of the CD “Mozart for Babies”, Decca Music Group Limited London edition, performed by the great pianist Roberto Prosseda. the CD is premiered on May 9 at Feltrinelli RED in Florence and aired at Primo Movimento on RAI Radio 3 on May 15 at 9:31 am.

From 30 May to 2 September 2018, one of his works is present in the collective "Join the dots / Unire le distances" at the Salone degli Incanti in Trieste. In the same year, he realizes the pictorial works for the Carro della Bruna which will parade and will be destroyed on 2 July in the central square of Matera. On June 27 Cardinal Tagle grasping the profound meaning of Dell'Osso's work "Pope Francis" invites him in audience with the Pope. On June 28, Pope Francis receives proof of authorship N ° 10 directly from Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle / 10 of the painting by Dell'Osso n ° archive 5/18.

In July 2019, the work "Change of season - Put yourself back at the center" was purchased and exhibited permanently at the GO Museum in Gussago (BS). In the same month Dell’Osso grants the use of his little man as a subject for tattoos in support of the Matera Gay Pride. From 24 September to 6 October 2019 he exhibits an author's postcard at the collective "Artisti Dentro" in Matera. From 11 October to 10 November 2019 he participates with 4 works in the international exhibition on pre-cinema machines "Formula Cinema", a leading project of Matera European Capital of Culture 2019. On 15 November he participates in the mail art collective "Mostra Galeotta Flash" by by Giancarlo Lacchin at Spazio BIG Santa Marta in Milan. In the same month on RAI 1, in the last episode of the first series of Imma Tataranni's fiction "Deputy Prosecutor", the Carro della Bruna 2018 which carries his paintings is filmed.

In March, April 2020 during the lockdown he made live video interviews on facebook with friends from the world of culture such as Alviero Martini, Carlo Marrale (founder of Matia Bazar), Riccardo Onori (guitarist of Jovanotti), Andy (keyboardist of Blu Vertigo) ... A May while the galleries are closed all over the world due to the pandemic, Dell'Osso thinks of the "Possible exhibition among the impossible exhibitions", the first exhibition in a condominium, the initiative arouses much interest so as to obtain among the many articles, interviews and services also a report on 6 May at TG2 RAI. On May 8, interviewed on SudStyle in an article entitled "What do artists in quarantine dream of" by Aldo Premoli. On May 14, Touchpoint.News creates the column "Dell’Osso tells about Italy at the time of Covid" by periodically inserting the drawings created by Dell’Osso during the period of the Lockdown. In July he was interviewed on 21grammi in “Painting the music”. In September 2020, the mayor of Matera Raffaello De Ruggieri, before the end of his mandate, gives Dell’Osso a plaque for having contributed, in his small way, to the cultural and artistic growth of the city. In the same month, he was part of the jury of the “Painters inside” competition with 6 other jurors such as Deodato of the Galleria Deodato Arte, Luca Parisato, Anna Pietropolli, Massimo Ciaccio, Maria Fratelli and Sibyl von der Schulenburg. In November 2020, the desire for lightness pushed Dell’Osso to accept an unusual proposal and made 34 video cartoons for the ninth Mudù television series with Uccio De Santis, one of the most popular joke broadcasts in Southern Italy.

In March 2021 Dell’Osso enters the world of Cryptoart and digital art with his work "The waste society". An article entitled "Dell’Osso, graffiti in search of an author" is published in the April / May 2021 issue of ArteIn magazine.

Today, between group and solo exhibitions, Dell’Osso has carried out more than 40 exhibitions. Among its buyers, collectors and admirers, many personalities from the world of entertainment and culture, such as David Gilmour (leader of Pink Floyd), Iron Maiden, Simple Minds, Sharon Stone, Phil Palmer, Numa Palmer, Antonello Venditti, Max Gazzè, Maurizio Solieri, Carlo Marrale, Paolo Migone and others. Articles and reviews about him can be found in the most important newspapers and magazines in the sector, such as: Flash Art, Arte Mondadori, Inside Art, NY Arts Magazine (New York), Artecontemporanea (Rome), Paintings and Sculptures, and in periodicals and newspapers national circulation such as Il Sole 24 ORE, Corriere Della Sera, Repubblica, L'Unità, Il Manifesto, La Stampa, Il Resto Del Carlino, Il Giornale, Il Messaggero, L'Avvenire, Corriere Del Mezzogiorno, Millionaire, TuStyle, Gioia, Modern Woman. Among others, Riva, Campanini, Corgnati, Marino, Laterza, Guareschi, Zanetti, Corsini, Pugliese, De Stefano, Marcelli have written or said about him.

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