Eloy Morales

Eloy Morales

Born in 1973 in Madrid (Spain), Eloy Morales continues to live and work in his hometown.

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Five bodies

oil on canvas

Dimensions: Width 150 cm - Height 150 cm
Year : 2018

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Paint in my head

oil on canvas

Dimensions : Width 150 cm - Height 150 cm
Year : 2018

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Eloy Morales Curriculum

Eloy Morales was born in Madrid in 1973.
His artistic style reflects the hyper-realistic movement as the conversion of real life in paintings.
What is unique in works by Eloy Morales is the incoscious of his subjects and the psycologichal aspect behind the appearance of perfect portraits.
By big canvases, people are painted with impressive details, in bigger sizes than real life, this way it's not simple to understand if it's a painting or a photograph.
The focus of Morales' works is on heads and faces: eyes are the mirror of our soul, and the artist constantly searches for this, making unique his works with colors and shadows that always underline how complex are our mind and our thoughts.
Some of the faces are unadorned while others are smeared with multicolored patches of paint.
“I try to show my inner world in my work,” he explains. “My images are explicit but they talk of senses and the non-physical.”

2017 the documentary"Eloy" directed by Harry Woollacott take part in:

Cannes festival,France.

Around international film festival, Barcelona,Spain.

Hollywood international independent documentary awards,EEUU

Hong Kong Arthouse fim festival

Atlanta docufest EEUU

2015 Ibex collection,Germany
MEAM collection

2012 Howard Tullman collection, Chicago.EEUU

2010 honor mention , Art foundation ,MEAM,Barcelona,Spain

2008 MEAM collection,Barcelona,Spain

2005 Contemporary art museum of México D.F

1999 second drawing prize Penagos , Fundación Mapfre.Madrid,Spain

1998 Fine arts bachellor, Universidad complutense, Madrid ,Spain

1997 monography "Eloy Morales dibujos y pinturas". is published

1994 pinturerias prize, México D.F



ABOUT HEAD Jonathan Levine gallery, New York.EEUU


ELOY MORALES Drawings and paintings 1996-2011, casa de vacas, Madrid.Spain
WORKS ON PAPER, Espacio Nolde gallery, Navacerrada, Madrid.Spain


WORKS 2006-2008 Ansorena gallery, Madrid.Spain


ELOY MORALES Nolde gallery, Navacerrada, Madrid.Spain


A PARTIR DE LA CABEZA Horrach Moyá gallery , Palma de Mallorca.Spain
SMALL PAINTINGS Nolde gallery, Navacerrada, Madrid.Spain


ELOY MORALES 001 Horrach Moyá gallery, Palma de Mallorca.Spain


APRIL Nolde gallery, Navacerrada, Madrid.Spain


DRAWINGS AND PAINTINGS Balboa 13 gallery, Madrid.Spain



"realism" Eloy Morales and Clio Newton,Benjamin Eck gallery, Munich, Germany
Gran teatro Nuevo Liceo, Barcelona, Spain, MEAM collection selection
"art beauty collection auction" Museo Thyssen Bornemisza, Madrid,Spain
"Paradigm Shift" Nick Allen Gallery,San Francisco,EEUU
Art San Diego, California,EEUU
"Erotismo y fetichismo", Van der Linde foundation, Badajoz,Spain
juxtapoz clubhouse. Miami. jonathan Levine gallery,EEUU
"Welcome to New Jersey"jonathan Levine projects, New Jersey,EEUU
"For Real", passengers port terminal, Amsterdam, Holland.
"Delta nrem" espacio espositivo. Madrid,Spain
Art Madrid, stand Jorge Alcolea gallery


Stroke art Fair,Munich,Germany,Flash gallery
"Chevere"sirona fine art gallery, Florida,EEUU
"Hyperrealism", suwon museum,Korea
Art Madrid, moret art gallery,Spain
Paintguide, Unit London gallery, London, UK


Stroke art fair, flash gallery ,Múnich,Germany
Art.Fair, flash gallery, Cologne, Germany
The unit London gallery, London
Daejon Museum, Korea
18 sights of reality, museo etnografico de Artziniega, Spain


BASED ON ACTUAL EVENTS, Jonathan Levine gallery,New York.EEUU
FIXATION, zhou b art center, Chicago.EEUU


REALISM 2013,Santiago Echeberria gallery.Madrid,Spain
MADE IN SPAIN, Santiago Echeberria gallery.Madrid,Spain
THE NAKED TRUTH, plus one gallery, Londres.
ART FAIR HONG KONG, stand Jorge Alcolea gallery.
AFFORDABLE ART FAIR. Mexico Df. 101art galleries.


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10 REALISTIC PAINTERS, Jorge Alcolea gallery,Madrid,Spain
FASHION VICTIMS, Santiago Echeberria gallery,Madrid,Spain.
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FERIARTE, stand Jorge Alcolea gallery,Madrid,Spain
ART FAIR HONG KONG stand Jorge Alcolea gallery,Madrid,Spain
SUMMER SHOW Miquel Alzueta gallery,Barcelona, Spain
5 EN REALIDAD Espacio Nolde gallery,Madrid,Spain


COLOR Santiago Echeberría gallery,Madrid,Spain
ART MADRID stand Santiago Echeberría gallery,Madrid,Spain
REALISM 2011 Santiago Echeberría gallery,Madrid,Spain
ART FAIR HONG KONG stand Jorge Alcolea,Hong Kong
NO SECRET FOR THE PSYCHE Lemniscate gallery, Tolouse,France


REALISM 2010 Santiago Echeberria gallery, Madrid,Spain
10 REALISTIC PAINTERS Jorge Alcolea gallery, Madrid, Spain.
ENTORNOS Santiago Echeberria gallery, Madrid,Spain
CITA CON EL GRABADO, espacio de arte Cervantes 6, Oviedo,Spain
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DAEGU ART FAIR Korea, stand Jorge Alcolea gallery
DOORS ART FAIR Seoul, Korea, stand Jorge Alcolea stand.
AHAF ASIA TOP GALLERY HOTEL , stand Jorge Alcolea gallery.


OBJECT AND REALITY Santiago Echeberría gallery, Madrid,Spain
ESTAMPA recinto ferial Juan Carlos I, stand el taller gallery, Madrid,Spain.
THE ART OF ASSEMBLANCE, Caixanova foundation, itinerant ,Spain
JOURNEYS Santiago Echeberría gallery, Madrid.Spain
7 REALISTIC PAINTERS Jorge Alcolea gallery, Madrid.Spain
REALITY espacio nolde gallery,Madrid,Spain.


7 REALISTIC PAINTERS Jorge Alcolea gallery, Madrid. Spain
CASA DE AMERICA fundación de las artes y los artistas, Madrid.Spain
NAVIDART espacio Nolde gallery, Navacerrada, Madrid.Spain


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BIG SIZE PAINTINGS Jorge Alcolea gallery, Madrid,Spain
ALcolea gallery, Pekín, China.


SPACES Ansorena gallery, Madrid.Spain
EL VIATGE Jordi Barnadas gallery, Barcelona.Spain


ARCO , Stand Horrach Moyá gallery,Spain.
BACKGROUND Horrach Moyá gallery, Palma de Mallorca,Spain.


ARCO, Stand Horrach Moyá gallery.Madrid,Spain
LOOp stand Horrach Moyá gallery, Barcelona.Spain
THE LANDSCAPE THE GIVEN AND THE INFINITE, Horrach Moyá gallery, Palma de Mallorca ,Spain


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ARTEXPO Heller gallery , Barcelona,Spain
REALITIES Heller gallery, Madrid.Spain
PENAGOS DRAWING PRIZE mapfre foundation, Madrid.Spain
ESTAMPA stand el taller gallery, Madrid.Spain


XIII DATE WITH THE DRAWING Alfama gallery, Madrid,Spain
PINTURERIAS, Denver, Colorado. EEUU
SUMMER SHOW, Ansorena gallery, Madrid.Spain
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PINTURERIAS Aguascalientes, Tijuana, Texas, México, EEUU


II MOSTRA DART TAURI DE VINAROS Municipal auditory, Vinaroz, Valencia Spain

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