Filippo Tincolini

Filippo Tincolini was born in Pontedera in 1976. He lives and works in Carrara.

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marble sculpture

Dimensions: Height 30 cm - Width 21x23 cm
Year: 2022
Hurricane, 2022, Artwork © filippotincolini, Ph: Laura Veschi

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marble sculpture

Dimensions: Height 60 cm - Width 20x30 cm
Year: 2022
Vestalia, 2022, Artwork © filippotincolini, Ph: Laura Veschi

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marble sculpture

Dimensions: Height 72 cm - Width 30x30 cm
Year: 2022
Venus, 2022, Artwork © filippotincolini, Ph: Laura Veschi

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marble sculpture

Dimensions: Height 80 cm - Width 35x25 cm
Year: 2022
Spaceman, 2022, Artwork © filippotincolini, Ph: Laura Veschi

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Filippo Tincolini Curriculum

Filippo Tincolini attended his studies at Carrara's Arts Academy, where he graduated in sculpture in 2001. After academic years, he build, in collaboration with other artists, two symposia (the SIEMA and the SINSP) in the Balearic Islands, a monumental sculpture park. 

Since 1997, during his formative years, Filippo Tincolini started attending many craft workshops in Tuscany, focusing on marble workshops in Carrara. In 2004, driven by a strong desire for experimentation and research, he co-founded the Contemporary Art Laboratory TorArt, a modern and innovative space that uses sophisticated equipment for working with marble, stone, and hard materials. As director of TorArt, he helps to find solutions for such futuristic projects as the recovery and reconstruction of the Palmyra Arch (destroyed by Islamic State). He supports many international artists in the modelling, prototyping, and realization of their projects combining innovative technologies and centuries-old knowledge. The fundamental insight was to realize that classical sculpture alone was no longer enough. 

Today, Filippo Tincolini, with his artwork as a sculptor, wants to investigate the infinite and largely unexplored possibilities that new technologies make available; without forgetting the teachings of classical sculpture that are always protagonists in the creation of his works. His research recognizes in art a unique narrative power when dropped into the contemporaneity of human living. 

At the moment, he collaborates with Liquid Art System.



Open End, Renégociation, curated by Luca Depietri and Vincenzo Calas, Geneva, Switzerland.

Summer Lights, curated by Nicola Ricci and Federico Giannini, Carrara, Italy.

Acqua Aria, curated by Andrea Guastella, Rome, Italy. White Carrara, curated by Emma Castè, Carrara, Italy.


Triennale Exhibition of Visual Arts in Rome, curated by Gianni Dunil, Rome, Italy.

Maestri del Contemporaneo in Mostra, curated by Luciano Carin, Piacenza, Italy.



Artingenio Museum Award, third prize awarded by Vittorio Sgarbi, Pisa, Italy.

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Art Miami and CONTEXT Art Miami 2022

November 29th I December 4th 2022

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