Francesca Cesarini

Francesca Cesarini

Born in 1970 in Rome, Francesca Cesarini lives and works in her hometown.

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oil on canvas

Dimensions: Width: 110 cm - Height 90 cm
Year: 2022

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Oil on canvas

Dimensions: Width: 120 cm - Height 100 cm
Year: 2016

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Oil on canvas

Dimensions: Width 140 cm - Height 150 cm
Year: 2019

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Oil on canvas

Dimensions: Width 60 cm - Height 50 cm
Year: 2005

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Tesoro del mare

Oil on canvas

Dimensions: Width 90 cm - Height 120 cm
Year: 2008

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Oil on canvas

Dimensions: Width 100 cm - Height 110 cm
Year: 2014

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Rosa part. 2

Oil on canvas

Dimensions: Width 70 - Height 160 cm
Year: 2015

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Oil on canvas

Dimensions: Width 160 cm - Height 120 cm
Year: 2014

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Oil on canvas

Dimensions: Width 110 cm - Height 60 cm
Year: 2011

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Epitonium Scalare Riflessa

Oil on canvas

Dimensions: Width 60 cm - Height 110 cm
Year: 2006

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Francesca Cesarini Curriculum

Francesca Cesarini graduated from Rome's "III Art School" in 1988, and completed her degree in painting restoration at the "Institute of Italian art and crafts and restoration" in Rome in 1992. She worked as a restorer in the studio of Maestro Stefano Turchetti for seven years, while at the same time researching 20th century painting (primarily Hyperrealism) and creating her own works.

Cesarini began as a portraitist, and her most important commissioned piece was of the Archbishop Monsignor Francesco Marchisano. She was drawn, however, to depict subjects' deeper inner lives, which led to an interest in the physiognomy of plants and flowers. By exploring the details of nature, she attempts to show a reality hidden behind the more noticeable features.

Using water to highlight her subjects' hidden truths first, Cesarini later introduces glass and other reflective surfaces into her work. The sense of disorientation and strong emotional reaction this causes in the observer is a reflection on the continuous search of a deeper dimension of truth, and the energy and force that surrounds nature and objects.


  • stable exhibition at “Liquid Art System” Capri, Positano, Istanbul, London


  • stable exhibition at “Franco Senesi Fine Art Gallery”, Capri, Positano, Ravello.


  • Group exhibition "Art Gallery Marzilli", Rome


  • Solo exhibition, "Gilda" (CIPRA), Rome


  • Exhibition "Cardiology and art '97" (CIPRA), Rome
  • Group exhibition, "Homage to Caravaggio" (CIPRA), Roma. Merit Recognition
  • Group exhibition "Italian and foreign artists to the Aeolian Islands" 13a ed. (CIPRA)


  • Exhibition "La Pigna Gallery" (UCAI), Rome
  • Exhibition "Visual Space Gallery," Lions Club Rome Castel Sant'Angelo


  • "Biennale of Contemporary Art, 4th edition." S: Agata di Militello (MS)
  • Exhibition Basset Ferentinum "international award for contemporary art" 1ª Indicated


  • Group exhibition "Gallery La Pigna" Rome


  • First solo exhibition "Library Gallery Remo Croce" Rome


  • First group exhibition "Frauen in Europe" Bull Buden (GER) with publication of the newspaper "BT Badishes Tagblatt".
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Art Fairs

Art Miami and CONTEXT Art Miami 2022

November 29th I December 4th 2022


Ten women's soul

Liquid art system Capri - 5th July 2018

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