Grzegorz Gwiazda

Grzegorz Gwiazda

Born in 1984 in Lidzbark Warminski (Poland), Grzegorz Gwiazda lives and works in his hometown.

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Bronze sculpture

Dimensions: Width 60x30 cm - Height 200 cm
Year: 2015

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Bad fruit

bronze sculpture

Dimensions: Width 60x30 cm - Height 200 cm
Year: 2017

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Dimensions: Width 140x140 cm - Height 90 cm

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Dimensions: Width 90x95 cm - Height 210 cm

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Grzegorz Gwiazda Curriculum

Gwiazda is an expert in the 19th century Central European academic style and traditional sculptural techniques, but is also aware of how the avant-gardes from the 20th century repudiated or transformed these into Totalitarian, Expressionist, Surrealist, Metaphysical, Minimalist, and Futurist movements based on the cultural, political, and social context of the moment. Gwiazda uses his depth of knowledge and experience to create sculptures that are unique for their astonishing modernity yet founded on the stylistic history of the last century.

His works have been shown in a number of individual exhibitions in Poland, including Lidzbark Warminski (Warmia Bishops' Castle, 2008), Poznan and Mosina (2013), Bydgoszcz (the Wspólna art gallery, 2013), and Warsaw (the Promocyjna art gallery, 2011; the Fibak art gallery, 2013; the 101 projekt art gallery, 2014).

His sculptures have also been included in collective exhibitions in Poland and internationally, including Coming Out: the Best Graduates of ASP (Warsaw, 2009), Exhibition of Professors and Graduates of the Department of Sculpture at ASP (Warsaw, 2012), Madrid (2010, 2011), and Barcelona (2011). His works are also displayed in Barcelona's Museu Europeu d'Art Modern.


Galerie Shloss Wiespach, Hellein, Austria


Galerie Shloss Wiespach, Hellein, Austria


Emsland Museum Schloss Clemenswerth, Sögel, Germany
Liquid art system Capri, Italy


Liquid art system Positano, Italy
The 101 Project art gallery, Warsaw, Poland


The Wspòlna art gallery, Bydgoszcz, Poland
The Fibak art gallery, Warsaw, Poland


The Promocyjna art gallery, Warsaw, Poland


Warmia Bishops' Castle, Lidzbark Warminski, Poland

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