Guy Leclef

Guy Leclef

Was born in Belgium in 1962.

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TW 117

Mixed media on wood

Dimensions: Height 100 cm - Width 80 cm

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TW 269

Mixed media on wood

Dimension: 180 x 180 cm
Year: 2016

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Guy Leclef Curriculum

Essential, original, material, sensible. Those are the main characteristics of Guy Leclef’s work. A genuine artist, constantly searching for the truth, he allows us to discover objects and structures as they really are. His collages always contain a touch of humor, a kind and subtle reminder of our daily life. With his book compositions he strives to put order amidst chaos. Adding colors only perpetrates his quest for harmony and peacefulness. As such, his creations wil not leave us untouched.
He’a self-taugh artist internationally recognizes for his paper collages. Through old paper he’s able to create unbelievable works of refined beauty and he’s always on search of the essence of things, of their purity and simplicity.
The artistic idea of Leclef is mainly based on the principle of sobriety, always opting for some form of minimalism. What their works show is a clear structure, but without any imposed balance. All his works are essentially made of paper and based on it. We see paper in different shape, paper cut, processed, braided, but invariably paper. He usually works with magazines edge, tacking and gluing them, obtaining a kind of monochrome color. As he himself says: “it’s also paper but interpreted in different way”. Leclef doesn’t like to be compared to other artists who use the paper to create their works and, as he stated in an interview for the Belgium Magazine Isel, “No artist has a monopoly of the basic material he uses”.
In the recent years, his collages have left Belgium to spread to other countries such as France, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Russia and Thailand. He also collaborates with designers and decoratores. He recently published with Lannoo Publieshers the book “Paperworld”, which reviwes his artistic trajectory of the last years.

His works are in exhibition in other many galleries all over the world:

Galerie LeRoyer
60, rue Saint-Paul Ouest
Montréal H2Y1Y8 CA

Modus Art Gallery
Place de Vosges 23
75003 Paris

Pedro Peña
C.C. Tempo BLOQUE C CN 340 KM 179

Art Marbella

The Netherlands
Wolterinck Laren
Zevenend 33 e
1251 RL Laren

The Netherlands
Salon Résidence
Singer Laren

United States of America
306 East 61st. 7th Floor. New York

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