Matteo Pugliese

Matteo Pugliese

Born in 1969 in Milan, Matteo Pugliese lives and works in his hometown.

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Bronze sculpture

Dimensions: Height 62 cm - Width 44 cm - Depth 16 cm

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Bronze sculpture

Dimensions: Height 200 cm - Width 120 cm - Depth 38 cm

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Sott'acqua IV


Dimensions: Width 101 cm - Height 19 cm

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Bronze sculpture

Dimensions: Width 128x37 cm - Height 75 cm

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Custode Mongolo

Bronze sculpture

Dimensions: Width 24 x 23 cm - Height 35 cm

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Bronze sculpture

Dimensions: Width 77 x 33 cm - Height 99 cm
Year: 2016

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Samurai XI

Bronze sculpture, terracotta

Dimensions: Width 38x29 cm - Height 53 cm

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Custode Maya II

Bronze sculpture

Dimensions: Width 23x21 - Height 36 cm
Year 2017

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Custode Balinese

Velvet Marble, bronze and terracotta

Dimensions : Width 38x29 cm - Height 45 cm
Year: 2017

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Dimensions: Width 58x35 cm - Height 97 cm
Year : 2017

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Custode Samurai XII

Bronze sculpture

Dimensions: Width 33 x 26 cm - Height 57 cm
Year: 2018

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bronze sculpture

Dimensions: Width 48 x 19 cm - Height 66 cm
Year: 2018

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Grob Zeitgeist

Bronze sculpture

Dimensions: Width 120x38 cm - Height 204 cm

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Bronze casting

Dimensions: Width 57 x 20 cm - Height 50 cm
Year: 2015

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Custode Persiano

Bronze sculpture

Dimensions: Width 26x24 cm - Height 46 cm
Year: 2016

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Tondo 1 - Opportunità

Bronze sculpture

Dimensions: Width 42 x 9 cm - Height 42 cm
Year: 2016

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Tondo 2 - Avversità

Bronze sculpture

Dimensions: Width 42 x 9 cm - Height 42 cm
Year: 2016

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Bronze sculpture

Dimensions: Width 39 x 18 cm - Height 44 cm
Year: 2016

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Custode Etiope

Bronze sculpture

Dimensions: Width 25 x 20 cm - Height 40 cm
Year: 2014

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Custode Amazzonico - Yonomami

Bronze sculpture

Dimensions: Width 23 x 18 cm - Height 33 cm
Year: 2014

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Matteo Pugliese Curriculum

Pugliese's family moved to Sardinia in 1978, and during his next 12 years on the island, he developed a passion for drawing and sculpture without any formal art education. After finishing the Classics High School in Cagliari, Pugliese returned to Milan to attend university and graduated with a degree in Modern Literature in 1995, having written his final thesis on art criticism.

In 2001, Pugliese organised and financed his first solo show in a private exhibition space located in the centre of Milan. His first "official" gallery exhibition was just 18 months later in nearby Brera, and his solo show in Brussels just a few months after that.

His works are contemporary and classic at the same time: his extra moenia series displays the struggle of men trying to go over their limits fronting up problems face to face.
His Guardians reflect men from many cultures (mostly from Asia) ready to defend places in which they are located.

Pugliese's works are on permanent display in galleries in Italy and major cities across the globe, including Hong Kong, London, Brussels, Lugano, and The Hague. His pieces have shown at some of the most important art fairs in the world: Hong Kong Art Fair (Hong Kong), ArtFirst (Bologna), Mart (Milan), Arco (Madrid), and Fiac (Paris).

Recently, works by Pugliese have been successfully sold at some of the world's most prestigious auction houses, including Christie's, Sotheby's, and Pandolfini.

Solo exhibitions


  • Vortici - Villa Fiorentino, Sorrento (Napoli)


  • Spiriti Ostinati - Milano Malpensa Airport (Terminal 1: Arrivals) “La porta di Milano”


  • Spiriti Ostinati - IMAGO ART GALLERY LUGANO, Switzerland
  • The Secret - WM GALLERY I, Antwerpen, Belgium
  • Spiriti Ostinati - FONDAZIONE LA VERSILIANA, Marina di Pietrasanta (Lucca)en
  • Extra Moenia - ROBILANT VOENA GALLERY, Saint Moritz, Switzerland


  • Breath of Freedom - BERTRAND DELACROIX GALLERY, New York


  • Gravitas - Barbara Nati, Matteo Pugliese, CASA D’ARTE ARTRIBÙ, Roma
  • Serenissima Babel - CAFFÈ FLORIAN, piazza San Marco, Venezia


  • Passaggi - Imago Art Gallery, Lugano, Switzerland
  • Matteo Pugliese - Corazze, Fondazione Mudima, Milano


  • Presentation of the bronze sculpture Samurai Guardian V at the MAS, Museum on the river, Antwerp, Belgium


  • Matteo Pugliese: Sculptures, Wo-Men in Fine Art, Antwerpen - Belgium
  • The summer of the Beetle, Galerie Noordeinde, The Hague, Holland


  • Matteo Pugliese - Corazze. Casa d'arte Artribù, Rome, Italy (catalogue)
  • I Guardiani del Tempo, Imago Art Gallery, Lugano, Switzerland
  • Matteo Pugliese: Out of the Wall, Sculpture Gallery, Brussels, Belgium


  • Matteo Pugliese - From the wall and further tales. Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery, Hong Kong (catalogue)
  • La profondità nel segno: Demetz, Galliani, Pugliese, Casa d'Arte Artribù, Rome, Italy
  • HEROES Matteo Pugliese . Galerie Noordeinde, The Hague, Holland


  • Sublimazioni, Demetz, Ottieni, Pugliese, Casa D'Arte Artribù, Rome, Italy
  • Through Light and Space: Giorgio Morandi & Matteo Pugliese,Imago Art Gallery, London, UK ( catalogue)


  • Matteo Pugliese e Walter Trecchi Galerie Noordeinde. The Hague, Holland


  • Matteo Pugliese, Sculptures. Filip Kesteloot Sculpture Gallery, Brussels , Belgium
  • Matteo Pugliese & Martin Palottini, Galerie Noordeinde, The Hague, Holland


  • Extra Moenia, Teatro Lirico di Cagliari, Cagliari, Italy (catalogue)
  • Contraria-mente solo exhibition, Galleria Gagliardi, San Gimignano (Siena), Italy
  • Matteo Pugliese Galleria Pittura Italiana, Milano, Italy (catalogue)
  • De Ontsnapping: M.Pugliese, A. Smirnof, Sokia, Galerie Noordeinde, The Hague, Holland


  • Matteo Pugliese- Sculptures, Palazzo comunale di San Lorenzo al Mare (IM), Italy
  • Extra Moenia. Galleria Gagliardi , Taormina (Messina), Italy
  • Matteo Pugliese & M.M. Gautier, Filip Kesteloot Sculpture Gallery. Brussels , Belgium
  • Freedom Solo exhibition, Galleria Gagliardi, San Gimignano (Siena), Italy


  • Flight from the wall , solo exhibition. Filip Kesteloot Sculpture Gallery, Brussels, Belgium (catalogue)


  • Matteo Pugliese, sculture: 1998-2003, Galleria Il Castello, Milan, Italy (catalogue)


  • Matteo Pugliese- Sculptures , Orea Malià, Milan, Italy


  • Extra Moenia, Matteo Pugliese , McCann-Erickson , Milan, Italy (catalogue)
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