Riccardo Evangelisti

Riccardo Evangelisti

Born in 1971 in Ceprano (Italy), Riccardo Evangelisti lives and works in his hometown.

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Flowers 3

Oil on linen

Dimensions:Width 60 cm - Height 50 cm
Year: 2022

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Flowers 1

Oil on canvas

Dimensions: Width 60 cm - Height 50 cm
Year: 2021

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The other face of the moon

Oil on linen

Dimensions: Height 150 cm - Width 120 cm
Year: 2019

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Capri Moon 3

Oil on linen

Dimensions: Heigth 150 cm - Width 120 cm
Year: 2018

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Riccardo Evangelisti Curriculum

Riccardo Evangelisti lives and works in Frosinone.
He starts exhibiting his first works already before getting his Secondary Art School certificate and attending the Academy of Fine Arts, being highly appreciated by critics.
Thanks to his father's work as a gallery owner, he has always been in contact with the world of arts, meeting artists who inspire him in the search for new and different forms and techniques, and developing a clear talent in the art of painting.
Over the years, his style improves; he prefers still life and paints his works with great contrast between light and shadows, inspired by Caravaggio's work. 
Meeting master Luciano Ventrone, while attending his studio, was paramount to his approach to the hyperrealism technique. In 1996 he gets the first acknowledgment of his work: he is invited to the XII Quadriennale “Ultime Generazioni” at the Exhibition Palace in Rome. 
In the following years, he participates in several National and International Art Exhibitions and Fairs: London, Miami, Los Angeles, Rotterdam, and Utrecht. Furthermore, his works are included in many Italian and Foreign Galleries and Collections.
Evangelisti's feature is being able to render at first sight the actual representation of the object that – in its entire essence – captures the observer, and involves him/her in a more careful research, by revealing itself in a universe made of infinitely small details, invisible to many, and absolutely non existent to many others.
About his works, Edward Lucie-Smith maintains “Riccardo Evangelisti's still life paintings possess an intense realism that makes the objects presented in them seem more 'real' – in the sense that they are more intensely felt and experienced – than they would be if we saw them for ourselves”.


Miami, ArtMiami.
Mantova, flora, M.A.D. Mantova Arte Design.


Miami, Context Art Miami.


Miami, Context Art Miami.


Miami, Context Art Miami, Liquid Art System.
Los Angeles, Italian California Dreaming, Italian Institute of Culture.
Anagni - Frosinone, Contemporary Art Biennial, Sala della Ragione.


Miami, Context Art Miami, Liquid Art System.
Capri (NA), Capri - The island of art, Liquid Art System.
Sperlonga (LT), I white night edition, Auditorium, former Church of Sanctae Mariae de Spelonchae.
Ceccano (FR), ACT - Collective exhibition of Figurative Arts, Castle of the Counts of Ceccano.
Monreale (PA), William II Prize, Civic Gallery "Giuseppe Sciortino".
Palermo, 2nd International Art Biennial, Palazzo Sant'Elia.


Frosinone - Anagni, Biennial of Contemporary Art, Villa Comunale Exhibition Hall.


Amsterdam, 45 Jaar, Smelik & Stokking Galleries
Frosinone, 20th Anniversary 1993-2013, "The evolution of art", Palazzo della Provincia
Anagni (FR), 20th Anniversary 1993-2013, "The evolution of art", La Colonna Art Gallery


Positano (Sa), Franco Senesi Art Gallery.
London, Summer Show 2011, Panter & Hall Fine Art Gallery.


London, Still life 2010, Oakham Contemporary Art Gallery
Rotterdam, Art Fair "Spring 2010", Smelik & Stokking Galleries
Sant'Antioco (CI), Contemporary Art Award "Archer" Island of Sant'Antioco "Ferruccio Barreca" Archaeological Museum
Spoleto (Pg), Spoleto53 Festival of the 2 worlds, Palazzo Pianciani
London, Small Painting show, Oakham Contemporary Art Gallery
London, Artist of Fame and Promise, Panter & Hall Fine Art Gallery
London, Art London, Oakham Contemporary Art Gallery
Den Haag, Reality of the symbol, Smelik & Stokking Galleries


Saint Moritz, Energenesi Art Gallery.
Utrecht, Het verstilde leven, Morren Galleries.
Venice, WV-Walkin'Venice Open Galleries 09, Energenesi Art Gallery.Den Haag, 40 Jaar, Smelik & Stokking Galleries.
Utrecht, Open Art Fair, Morren Galleries.
London, ArtLondon, Smelik & Stokking Galleries


Utrecht, Morren Galleries.
London, Spring Show 2008, Albemarle Gallery.
Positano (Sa), Energenesi Art Gallery.
Amsterdam, Smelik & Stokking Galleries.


Milan, Tetralogy of nature, "TERRA" Galleria Marieschi.
Milan, Ten years 1995-2005, Short journey into contemporary art. Marieschi Gallery.
Fondi (Lt), IV National Prize for Painting "Città di Fondi", Castello Caetani.


Sondrio, On the threshold of the invisible, Palazzo Martinengo


Fiuggi (Fr), Still life, Gallery The corner of antiques


San Buono (Ch), Still Life as Alice's Mirror, Convent of Saint Anthony.


Fiuggi (Fr), Gallery The corner of the antiquesur.


Rome, Latest Generations, 12th Rome National Quadrennial, Palazzo delle Esposizioni.


Frosinone, Homage to the Woman, Gallery of Modern Evangelist Art.


Frosinone, Exhibitions, Gallery of Modern Evangelist Art.
Veroli (Fr), Pro-Loco Hall


Frosinone, Generational meeting. Solidarity at the global level, Palazzo della Provincia
Frosinone, Art objects, Gallery of Modern Evangelists


Cassino (Fr), "Labriola" Cultural Club.


Alatri (Fr), Aletrium, Palazzo Conti Gentili.

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