Roberto Ferri

Roberto Ferri

Born in Taranto (Italy) in 1978, Roberto Ferri lives and works in Rome.

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San Giovanni

Oily tempera on canvas

Dimensions: Height 182 cm - Width 147 cm
Year: 2019

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Potnia Theron

Oil and oily tempera on canvas

Dimensions: Height 200 cm - width 110 cm
Year: 2021

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Roberto Ferri Curriculum

In 1996 Ferri graduated from "Lisippo" fine arts high school in Taranto and began studying painting independently; after moving to Rome in 1999, he was able to begin studying historic paintings in depth, concentrating on works from the early 16th to the late 19th centuries. Ferri was particularly drawn to the works of Caravaggio and the Academy (including Anne-Louis Girodet, Jacques-Louis David, Jean-Louis Theodore Gericault, Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, William-Adolf Bouguereau, and Charles Gleyre).

Ferri graduated with Honors from Rome's Academy of Fine Arts in Stage Design in 2006, and has collaborated with the Square Gallery, the Fine Art department of Liquid Art System, since 2009. His work is deeply inspired by Caravaggio and other Baroque painters, and Old Masters of Romanticism, Academism, and Symbolism (including David, Moreau, Redon, Ingres, Girodet, Gleyre, Bouguereau, Gericault, Rops, and others).

His works equal the most skilled figurative painters in the duplication of reality, and depicts a world in which the eye of the artist records and reproduces the order of things in a world where everything works, but there is also the space for evil. Ferri introduces dreams into reality, and the harmonic composition dominates though his subjects often strike twisted poses, with their figures both exactingly human yet triumphant and heroic.

Ferri's works are included in many important private collections in Rome, Milan, London, Dublin, Paris, the Castle of Menerbes (Provence), Madrid, Barcelona, Malta, New York, Boston, Miami, and San Antonio. His paintings were also featured in the film "Sangue nel Mio Sangue" directed by Marco Bellocchio and presented at the 2nd Venice Film Festival:


Oscura Luce at Steri Monumental Complex, Palermo, Italy
Oscura Luce at Fondazione Stelline, Milan, Italy


Solo exhibition in the castle of Gaasbeek in Brussels.


Art Fair New York with Liquid art System
Solo exhibition at theLiquid art system Capri founded by Franco Senesi.


Personal exhibition at Atelier Marcello Tommasi organized by Etra Events, Florence


"ROBERTO FERRI Noli Foras Ire and the presentation of the Via Crucis for the Cathedral of Noto" is inaugurated. Palazzo delle Esposizioni - Rome fountain hall supervised by Francesco Buranelli, Vittorio Sgarbi and Claudio Strinati.


personal exhibition for the "54. BIENNALE DI VENEZIA "at the Museum of Sacred Art, Salemi, curated by Vittorio Sgarbi.


"ROBERTO FERRI - BEYOND THE SENSES / BEYOND THE SENSES" was inaugurated at the Italian Institute of Culture in London.


"Tuscia Opera Festival", Palazzo dei Priori, Viterbo
Drawings exhibit curated by Robertomaria Siena at the Rdf Gallery, Rome
"Roberto Ferri - Beyond the senses", Vittoriano Complex, Rome


Exhibition of drawings in San Antonio, Texas, at the Anarte Gallery
Part of "Toscana Festival" in Palazzo Vecchio, for the presentation of the "Toscana Festival", Florence


"Roberto Ferri and the Light of the Body", Galleria "Il Labirinto", curated by Robertomaria Siena, Rome


"Luigi Montanarini" Contemporary Art Center in Genzano di Roma; is called "Roberto Ferri and the dream of Parnassus"
Winner of II edition of the "Antonio Valente" Set Design Award and solo exhibition

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Roberto Ferri Events & Exhibitions


Roberto Ferri at Palazzo Pallavicini

Bologna 20 October 2022 - 12 March 2023

Art Fairs

Art Miami and CONTEXT Art Miami 2022

November 29th I December 4th 2022

Art Fairs

Art Miami and CONTEXT Art Miami 2021

30 November | 5 December 2021


Viewing Room

30th April 2020 - 10th May 2020


Roberto Ferri at Château de Gaasbeek

08 April 2016 - 26 June 2016, at Belgium


Oscura Luce (Dark Ligth) in Palermo

Roberto Ferri at Palermo University - 19th of May - 10th of June 2018


Oscura Luce (Dark Light) in Milano

Roberto Ferri at the Fondazione Stelline - 14th March - 1st April 2018

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