Wolfgang A. Kossuth

Wolfgang A. Kossuth (1947-2009) was born in Pfronten, Germany.

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Bronze sculpture

Dimensions: Width 24x21 cm - Height 56 cm

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Bronze sculpture

Dimensions: Width 160x55 cm - Height 130 cm

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Emanuela Danzante

Bronze sculpture

Dimensions: Width 34x34 cm - Height 83 cm
Year: 2002

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Forze in equilibrio

Dimensions: Width 120x80 cm - Height 293 cm

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La tentazione di Adamo

Bronze sculpture

Dimensions: Width 40x40 cm - Height 247 cm
Year: 1995

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La pieta'

Dimensions: Width 170x100 cm - Height 170 cm
Year: 1998

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Il gabbiano

Bronze sculpture

Dimensions: Width 30x16 cm - Height 50 cm
Year: 2003

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Giada con Turbante

Bronze sculpture

Dimensions: Width 61x41 cm - Height 73 cm
Year: 2001

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Bronze sculpture

Dimensions: height 33 cm - width 24 cm

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La nascita d Mercurio

Bronze sculpture

Dimensions: Width 30x25 cm - Height 105 cm
Year: 2002

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Wolfgang A. Kossuth Curriculum

Kossuth moved to Naples in 1968 to study violin, and won an international competition for a chair as violinist at Milan's Teatro alla Scala. He was a member of the orchestra from 1970 to 1974, while also studying composition and orchestra conducting, and began conducting in 1975. In 1979, he left music to devote himself to sculpture.

In 1981, he completed a portrait of Mario Del Monaco for the Museum of La Scala, and in the following years created a bust of Domenico Scarlatti for the Auditorium RAI in Naples (1986), "Simona" for the Museum Paaw Wassenaar in Holland (1992), and a portrait of the poet Vittorio Sereni for the Museum of Luino (1993). His large sculpture dedicated to Niccolò Paganini is on display in Genoa's Teatro Carlo Felice.

In addition, his "Salome In Love" was acquired by the Museum of Busto Arsizio Bandera in 1997, in 1999 his piece "Maternity" becomes the symbol of the Republic of San Marino UNICEF, and in 2003 he received an award from Carcano Theater in recognition of his artwork devoted to the art of dance. In January of 2004, he was awarded by the President of the Republic during the exhibition "The Flight of Icarus Today".

Kossuth's work is both contemporary and timeless, with clear references to classic Hellenistic or Roman sculpture in its symbolism and mythology. His figures were rendered with emotional muscle tension, and subjects like "Daniel" and "Summer" show an elasticity that defies the anatomy of the body human to highlight the sophistication of a dance movement, the intensity of a hug, or a precarious pose.

Instead of photographic realism, Kossuth challenge the limits of sculptural skill by concentrating on the richness of detail, the smooth sheen of the surface, and the refined definition of a working muscle. Sculpture was not an exercise in style for Kossuth, but a language to communicate. More than simple forms, his works are surreal investigations into the limits of the human body, and the otherwordly beauty that goes deeper than the surface when his subjects were celebrities. Thus, portraits of Roberto Bolle and Alessandra Ferri are more than simple tributes, but pretexts for a reflection on the human body and the harmony of its movements.

This analysis becomes particularly introspective when Kossuth depicts the human face. His bronze of Mario Soldati goes beyond what a photo could reveal, and his use of leaving fragments of the clay which was used to make wax mold is an artistic choice to communicate the blend of refinement and elegance, or lightness and balance, the lost wax casting technique lends to the final bronze sculpture.

The plasticity of bronze, which allows the artist to mold the warm surface and smooth it into different gradations of sheen, makes this material uniquely suited to communicate the complexity of movement. The dark patina of the metal allows the artist to render muscular tension and facial expression with the use of light. Kossuth was particularly masterful in forming the softness and elasticity of skin and muscle, and his lifelong research into the uses of bronze led him to push the material beyond its previous limits.

Main works of the Author


  • Exibition "Sculture danzanti" Settimana internazionale della danza sotto il patrocinio della città di Spoleto
  • Exibition "Mithos. Miti e archetipi nel mare della conoscienza" Museo Bizzantino d'Atene, sotto il patrocinio del ministero degli Esteri Italiano, Istituto Italiano di cultura di Atene, seconda sede Galleria Nazionale d'Arte di Tirana, Albania,terza sede Principato di Monaco
  • Exibition "Kossuth, sculture e dipinti" Sala di SS.Filippo e Giacomo sotto il patrocinio del comune di Brescia.
  • Exibition "Forma e spirito nella scultura contemporanea in Italia" villa Firenze Ambasciata Italiana in Washington seconda sede Meridian international centre, Washington.
  • Exibition "Nostalgia della bellezza" Museo Sandro Parmeggiani, Renazzo, patrocinio del comune di Cento


  • Exhibition "lo spazio interiore del mito" museum Luciana Matalon Milano


  • Exhibition "W. Alexander Kossuth" Cascina Grande , Rozzano
  • Exhibition "Kossuth" galleriy Seledi Art, Palermo
  • Exhibition "Dinamismo ed equilibrio "Saint Benin ,Aosta


  • Exhibition "Il volo da icaro ai nostri giorni" Accademia S.Agostino, Rom sponsored by the President of the Repubblica
  • Exhibition " Anima e corpo eros e mito" Vedelago
  • Exhibition "la forma dell'anima" Palazzo delle feste di Bardonecchia
  • Exhibition "La forma e l'anima" Galleria Berman Torino
  • Exhibition "Quattro scultori dell'immagine-la Forma e L'Anima"space open museum Pianeta Azzurro , Fregene
  • Exhibition "Artisti contemporanei" Fondazione Culturale Mandralisca Cefalù , Palermo
  • Exhibition "W.Alexander Kossuth"galleriy Parada -Brescia
  • Exhibition "usually MERAVIGLIE",Genova Musei
  • Exhibition "la Musique du corps humain"gallery Gaston Gerard


  • Exhibition "Forme eterne" Castello of Mombasiglio, Cuneo
  • Exhibition "Magnetismi delle forme",Enel, Montaldo di Castro , Viterbo
  • Exhibition "La bellezza venuta dal mare" Rom -Ostia
  • Exhibition "Kossuth" ex chiesa di S.Sefano, Mondovì


  • Exhibition Dieleman gallery-Gemblouxe-Bruxel ,Belgium
  • Exhibition "Movimenti" Palazzina della promotrice ,Torino


  • Exhibition "(F)atti d'arte," society of belle arti -Torino
  • Exhibition gallery Gaston Gerard-Dijon
  • "Accademico dell'Accademia internazionale Sant'Agostino 1671" Rome


  • Exhibition "Essere ben essere" Triennale of Milan-
  • Exhibition "Arte all'inizio del millenio" society of belle arti Torino
  • Exhibition "Accadimenti giubilari" Chiesa and gallery Gesù e Maria, Rome


  • Exhibition dedicated to the dance in Perugia during the international Week of ballet
  • Exhibition "L'enigma del senso" the Versiliana, Marina of Pietrasanta
  • Exhibition in S.S. Annunziata ,Cetona
  • Exhibition "Arte e citta'" San Giovanni in Persiceto
  • Exhibition "Anima e corpo" Museum of the Montirone , Abano terme
  • Exhibition Espace Bonnard Le Cannet -Cannes Francia
  • Sculptur Maternita' made for 'Unicef of the Repubblica of San Marino
  • Exhibition "Arte e pubblicita' "space Consolo -Milan


  • Exhibition "l'Arte per la chiesa, una chiesa per l'Arte" Chiesa Gesu' e Maria, Rome


  • Exhibition in the "Banca Commercio ed industria" Milan.
  • Exhibition in the "Banca Popolare of Milan" Bergamo.
  • Exhibition in street Montenapoleone, Milan "Le forme del FuocoVenturi Arte."
  • Exhibition "le forme del Fuoco Venturi arte" at the Museum Archeologico of Bologna
  • The sculptur "Innamorata" acquisition from the"Museum of Arts,palazzo Bandera" ,Busto Arsizio._museum web www.kossuth.org
  • "Accademico ad onorem" of Accademy Franco Ferrara of Rome


  • Exhibition, "From the Body to the Face", Pietrasanta.
  • Exhibition dedicated to the dance in Rieti during the Intenational Week of Ballet.


  • Exhibition, Venezia, aldermaury for Culture
  • Exhibition of the work "Salomé" at the Museum of Arts, Palazzo Bandera, Busto Arsizio. Acquisition from the Museum.


  • Exhibition, Manzù, Messina, Kossuth, in Santa Maria Maggiore.
  • Exhibition at the Museum of Arts Palazzo Bandera, Busto Arsizio.


  • Unveiling of the work "Paganini" in the theatre Carlo Felice in Genoa, organized by the municipality and exhibition at the "Loggia della Mercanzia".
  • Exhibition,in Mantova, in the Palazzo Ducale, sponsored by the Municipality and with the supervision of the Monuments and Fine Arts Service of Mantova, Cremona, Brescia.


  • Exhibition, Düsseldorf.
  • Exhibition at the Museum Pauw,Wassenaar, Holland
  • Exhibition, Assisi.
  • Exhibition, Orvieto, sponsored by the municipality and the Province.
  • Exhibition, Perugia.
  • Exhibition "Bronze Faces", Modena introduced by the reviewer Vittorio Sgarbi.


  • Exhibition at the Museum of Milan sponsored by the municipality, introduced by the reviewer Vittorio Sgarbi.
  • Exhibition, Città della Pieve, sponsored by the municipality.
  • Exhibition of The work "Mozart" in the Teatro alla Scala for the bicentennial celebration of Mozart's death.
  • Exhibition, Venezia.


  • Portrait of Paolo Grassi for the municipality of Martina Franca.
  • Exhibition, Siena.


  • Exhibition,Ostuni sponsored by the municipality.
  • Exhibition, Spoleto during the "Festival dei due mondi".
  • Bidart, Bergamo.


  • Exhibition in the cloister of San Domenico, Martina Franca, sponsored by the municipality.
  • EXPO of international Art, Bari.
  • BIDART, Bergamo.


  • Bust of Domenico Scarlatti exhibited in the RAI Auditorium of Naples.


  • Exhibition at the Museum of European Sculptures Sculpturenpark-Willebadessen, Germany. Sponsored by the head of Government.


  • Exhibition at the Parliament Society Building in Bonn
  • Portrait of the tenor Mario Del Monaco which is exhibited in the museum of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan.
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