Ambra d'Oriente

Kim In Tae in Capri - from 15 June 2017

On June 15th, 2017, Liquid Capri will open the first solo exhibition of the Korean sculptor Kim In Tae in Italy. In Capri, the artist will present the works from his latest production, including a few large-size works. So far, the works by Kim In Tae have been described from a structural standpoint " as an assembly of the smallest units of matter, shape and sense " which is functional to the global understanding of the meaning of every single sculpture. The smallest unit or the global shape of the work offer the spectator two opposite points of view (close and distant) and two horizons of meaning; to the point that the artist " in order to describe his works " had to use the metaphor of film editing, where the global story is made of the sum of many smaller significant scenes.
The East-to-West journey made by Kim In Tae's sculptures " through the sea, in the Mediterranean " loads this exhibition with many historical and iconographic suggestions, which might offer new inspirations and new directions to the research and work of Kim In Tae. (...)
Between the past and the present, between East and West, strange suggestions seem to intertwine...
Kim In Tae creates deceptive shapes, by assembling thousands of butterflies; this construction process recalls to mind what actually happens naturally at the Valley of Bureflies in Rhodes. Millions of butterflies cover all the things they lay on, completely; the shapes " also the steadiest ones " illusorily seem to lose any solidity and they seem to be made only of the bodies of these insects. The resin which attracts these butterflies has been used by western peoples for many centuries in order to give an image to the most deceptive thing in life: dreams... often a projection of human desires.
In nature, as well as in Kim In Tae's art, butterflies create deceptive shapes. In nature, butterflies are attracted by a sap... that same sap " Oriental Amber " that people use to give a shape to their own illusions, to their own ideas, to their own ambitions. In Kim In Tae's sculptures, this sap is the inspiration, used by the artist to give shape to his own illusions, to his own ideas, to his own ambitions.

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