Art meets Treville - Marco Grassi

Marco Grassi at Treville Positano - July 28th 2021

Works by Marco Grassi will be the second protagonist of Art meets Treville at the Treville in Positano. The event is scheduled for July 28 in collaboration with the Liquid art system.

Marco Grassi was born in Milan in 1966 and has established himself in the international art world with an incredible growth and renewal of his pictorial language.

The artist has always been fascinated by the sensitivity and sensuality of the portrait, the power and strength of the eyes, and dedicated himself to the representation of feminine subjects: delicate, attractive, energetic, and resolute.

His technique, too often called pop, reveals much more than that. The use of gold leaf or silver leaf certainly gives the paintings an extremely captivating, bewitching aspect, drawing all the attention to itself. However, his technique, which has evolved over the years, speaks of violent spatula strokes, indefinite contours, strong colors, and wonderful contrasts.

In his paintings, the absence of background focuses the attention on the subject, thus accentuating the expressive power of the gaze and the complexity of the character, almost trying to show its soul.

Surrounded by works, all on aluminum and these incredibly dazzled, the Art meets Treville aperitif is the opportunity to spend an evening dedicated to art in a location where everything can shine.

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