Art Miami and CONTEXT Art Miami 2021

30 November | 5 December 2021

Liquid art system is thrilled to come back to Miami!

After more than one year, it's exciting to announce that LAS, contemporary art galleries organization founded by Franco Senesi, is ready to be back to the Fair Art Miami and CONTEXT Art Miami.

Liquid art system will be present with two booths at CONTEXT Art Miami, and one big booth at Art Miami.

The aim is to showcase the very latest production of our represented artists, sensitive to the changes of these last years, and present new proposals by our emergent artists.

The exhibited artists will be: Fabio Abbreccia, Elisa Anfuso, Agostino Arrivabene, Recep Batuk, Moreno Bondi, Giacinto Bosco, Umberto Ciceri, Coderch&Malavia, Giorgio Conta, Marco Cornini, Domenico Dell'Osso, Peter Demetz, Fidia Falaschetti, Marica Fasoli, Roberto Ferri, Marco Grassi, Kim In Tae, Paolo Medici, Sabrina Milazzo, Raffaele Minotto, Tom Porta, Paolo Quaresima, Antonio Sannino, Giuseppe Tirelli, Christian Verginer, Matthias Verginer, Willy Verginer, Fabio Viale, Seo Young Deok, Alice Zanin.

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