Capri The Island of Art - 3rd edition (2018)

Third edition. From June 2 to October 7, 2018. Capri (Italy)

Liquid art system, founded by Franco Senesi, proudly announces to be the main sponsor for "Capri | The Island of Art", together with Chantecler, historical jewelry in Capri, and the Capri Palace Hotel&Spa.

Founded by the homonymous cultural association, "Capri | The Island of Art" is at its third edition.
As the earlier editions, this event wants to reconfirm Capri as one of the central places of art in the world, as it has always been.

Capri will be a stage of contemporary art, displaying in several public spaces of the island sculptures by three well-known international and appreciated artists exhibited as in an open-cast museum.
Artists will be Seo Young-Deok, Stefano Bombardieri and Kim In-Tae.

The artistic director of Capri | The Island of Art " “The Brilliant Shape” is Angelo Crespi: his idea of “The Brilliant Shape” talks about a classic and philosophical idea of the art, as something that from simple and unformed material becomes beauty, in a perfect and shining way.

“The sculptures made by the Korean artists Seo Young-Deok and Kim In Tae " robust and yet they seem to be about to take flight " and by the Italian artist Stefano Bombardieri " bearing a heavy lightness " are perfectly connected to the extraordinary views that make Capri the most beautiful island in the world.” -Angelo Crespi

Special event will be the exhibition “Vestiges” by Matteo Procaccioli, from the 2nd of June till the 3rd of July at the Liquid art system Capri.
His photographs about Pompei seem suspended into infinity: time disappear as it has to front up with the history, especially the extraordinary one among the gulf of Naples.

Artistic Director: Angelo Crespi
Producer: Liquid art system by Franco Senesi
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