Catching a fragment of light

Antonio Sannino at Clarendon Fine art, Mayfair London - 5 March 2020

Liquid art system is very proud to announce the latest exhibition by Antonio Sannino.

"Catching a fragment of light" will take place to Clarendon Fine Art, Mayfair, London, from March 5th.

Antonio’s innovative portrayals of the urban landscape and the surface of water inhabit a world where the abstract and the objective coexist in a riot of colour and motion.

Antonio uses his camera to catch the best possible light in his pictures; that moment when everything seems to be frozen and timeless.
Painting directly onto aluminium, he applies oils with brushes, spatulas and his fingers. He adds and removes the paint constantly until he achieves the subtle shimmer that is unique to his work, and finishes each piece with a glaze which enhances the reflective elements and thus the overall impact.

The beauty of the landscape is enhanced by the beauty of the light. Whether a moment of urban living or fleeting reflection of a cloud in a rippling lake, it is the light that I paint, and the beauty of the landscape unfolds.

"I take images of daily life, often overlooked or forgotten, and reproduce them on aluminium so that they can shine in their own light"

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