Common souls

Silvio Porzionato at Porto Montenegro - from 9 to 25 August 2018

From the 9th to the 25th of August, works by Silvio Porzionato will be exhibited at Museo Porto Montenegro.

“Common Souls” is the latest exhibition by the italian artist from Moncalieri, near Turin, presented by Liquid art system.

His studies in art and then the work experience as head designer are very recognizable in his style. Silvio Porzionato prefers portraits on large canvases, and in a way that can be defined “pop”, his subjects rimind us how beautiful humans are, with all their characteristics.
His paintings focus on faces, emphasizing the details that better describe each one of us. His artworks are powerful and made to attract the attention of the viewer.

He takes photographs to friends and people he meets by the street, that become passing models, by chance. And then he creates his paintings. His subjects, depicted in the foreground statuary, have the power to make us forget the typical private dimension of the portrait and, at the same time, they are able to become icons of our time, even if they are ordinary people.

In this way his works reflect the interpretation of the human soul: stratified under the various and intense brushstrokes of color, the human figure is extrapolated from everyday reality, and transported to an other place where the deeper self predominates over physicality.

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