From the other side

Zhuang Hong Yi at Liquid art system Capri - 3rd August 2018

From the 3rd of August 2018 the Liquid art system will display the latest works by the artist Zhuang Hong Yi in Capri.

The opening of the exhibition “From the other side” will be at 7:00 pm.

Artworks by Zhuang Hong Yi are the mix result of two different cultures, the Eastern one where the artist comes from (China), and the Western one, in where he currently lives, in Netherlands.

“From the other side” is a travel between these two worlds and points of view. From West to East and vice versa, the artist represents a bridge: he creates his own way to communicate differences but at the same time common points of these realities through the language of art.

And just from the point of view, in its most practical way, depends the interaction with the Zhuang Hong Yi artworks: they change colors and shadows from a side to another. His flower beds take inspiration from tulips, tipically from Netherlands, but underline the presence of Chinese culture in the material, the rice paper. In a contemporary way, his artworks reflect the importance of nature in the wake of Western Impressionism.

The rice paper installations by Zhuang Hong Yi, with their shadows and their change, propose themselves as a mirror to the viewer: they remind us how everything changes, and that things need to be observed many times in different ways, trying to catch their pure essence. In this way, artworks by Zhuang Hong Yi represent a metaphor of life.

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