Guerrieri, Cavalli e Centauri

Paolo Staccioli’s exhibition in Siena

The artist Paolo Staccioli presents his latest show in Siena, in partnership with Liquid art system.

Guerrieri, Cavalli e Centauri (Warriors, Horses and Centaurs) is a great show with about fifty sculptures by the artist. Artworks by Paolo Staccioli follow the history: they talk about time and our past. Warriors and horses are the main protagonists of battles memories and ancient stories.

The exhibition will take place in a very wonderful and important location, at the Magazzini del Sale, part of the ancient Palazzo Pubblico of Siena, where history never left the city, from February 9 to April 23.

February 9 - March 1
Only Saturday and Sunday 10am-6pm

March 2 - April 23
From Monday to Sunday 10am-6pm

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