Human Fights Rights Lights

Umberto Ciceri at the Royal Palace of Caserta - from September 7th

Liquid art system is delighted to invite you at the opening of Human Fights Rights Lights the latest exhibition of Umberto Ciceri at the Royal Palace of Caserta, on September 7th, at 6 pm.

The great narrative of Human Rights starts back at the dawn of history itself and has accompanied it throughout its journey.

The 1948 Declaration of Human Rights is the highest aspiration of the social justice of humanity: the work “HUMAN fights rights lights” examines the ambiguity of the outcome of this great project of the western modern era, soon to celebrate its seventieth anniversary.

Human Rights seem to be in the media spotlight everywhere, yet do not in fact take root in the social and cultural fabric; their meaning has become so abstract that often nowadays people have trouble distinguishing between freedom of speech and cultural offence, and between humanitarian and bellicose intervention.

Awareness of the universality of human rights is in the first place a conquest of reason and reiterating the need for it concerns all culture in the broadest sense: we must put all our energy into this with the arts at the forefront.

“HUMAN fights rights lights” is the title of the polyphonic work in three acts by the artist Umberto Ciceri and consists of three video installations which examine the nature of the Universal Rights of man by dramatizing the main theme of the work, the full text of the 1948 charter.

The constant element in the three videos is the association and ambiguity between the high definition of the text to be read and the low definition of the images to be watched. The artist shoots the three acts with an HD video camera purposely out of focus, encouraging an emotional contrast between the descriptive logic of the words in focus and the logic of sensation in the blurry films.

The common element uniting the three allegorical representations is the replacement of original text and music in a meticulous production.
The entire work indeed hinges on these ethical and aesthetic ambiguities - a three-phase ascending progression of a single text that we will watch enter the ring of history, enter into the manuscripts of Bach and become the heart of an ecstatic revolution.

Author and Curator: UMBERTO CICERI
in collaboration with: Liquid art system

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