Elisa Anfuso - Alessandra Lanzafame - at Liquid Positano

23 June - 23 July

Liquid art system is proud to present the first display of the joint project by Elisa Anfuso and Alessandra Lanzafame. We purposely use the term "project" and not "exhibition", since this is more a launch to the public, a visual exchange between the two artists, than an actual exhibit. An open exchange that is temporarily on display at Positano gallery.

For several years, the two artists have been exchanging ideas about topics related to their own independent research and, inevitably, this exchange left traces on their individual works: Elisa Anfuso's paintings and Alessandra Lanzafame's photographs.

The latter has often been one of the models and muses for Elisa Anfuso's paintings, who uses Lanzafame's face to convey her emotions and contents to the audience. Over time, Elisa has not only observed and portrayed Alessandra's face and eyes, but she has also started to observe the world through those eyes... eyes that express themselves and set their own point of view through the creative use of a camera.

Photography and painting influence each other in an endless reference to topics, subjects and meanings.

There is also a common source in the work of both artists: the unconscious. A source which is also a subject to be portrayed. Both artists move from autobiographic elements, starting their research from the deep observation of their inner being, letting the unconscious elements surface.

The canvas for the one and the paper for the other become "filters" where the inner visions are projected and express themselves through an allegorical language that comes from the unconscious. Hence, personal history becomes potentially universal because it is made of the same lights and same shadows that fill up the "depth" of every human being.

The allegorical visions portrayed by Elisa Anfuso and Alessandra Lanzafame draw from that collective imagination we all know, because it animates the world of dreams, creates dreamlike and spiritual visions.

Along the sides of the octagonal room of the Liquid Gallery in Positano, the individual works of each artist are on display, letting their small personal obsessions and recurring motifs surface, which can be observed in their fullest expression in the joint work shown on the central wall in the back of the room (Genesis II that is The incubator - The spring of consciousness).

It is a large illustrated tale, where photography and painting intersect, made of two parts linked by an underlying theme that represents the evolution. On the one side, there is the biological, unaware, condition of the human being; on the other side, there is the awakening of the consciousness, where the mind becomes aware of the Self (represented in its triple structure according to the Freudian conception: Id, Ego and Super-Ego).

Elisa Anfuso
The new cycle of works by Elisa Anfuso is called Celestial Worlds; here, the real Renaissance-inspired landscapes on the background of her previous works make way for imaginary landscapes, where the sky becomes a mere painted (and incomplete) backdrop and the nature - and the human architectures and animals living in it - become schemes that surface from the memory to consciousness.
"Celestial worlds because the heavenly kingdom is quintessentially celestial as is the vault where symbolically the universe is projected for our short-sighted eyes. Celestial worlds aims at being a great allegorical mise-en-scene for me to make sense of the world and of my pain, which is a universal pain, because it is the pain of living. It is the pain caused by a loss, a sacrifice, an abandonment; it is the pain of a soul with eternal desires tied to the flesh of a decaying body" (E.A.)

Alessandra Lanzafame
The series of Alessandra Lanzafame's images show an artist who uses the photographic tool in absolute freedom: there are no privileged techniques or formats, only the awareness that there cannot be signs inside the images other than those coming from the shot itself. The static coexistence of a space and a time in the same image disappears; a skilful use of photodynamism make photography the place to represent endless times and endless possibilities: one environment becomes the place of multiple memories or consecutive crossings or, yet, the place to reveal what the naked eye cannot perceive.
Photodynamism "more than a technical option, is the need to engrave, in one single shot, all that happens in those seconds. Even when we sleep, our mind is dynamic. Photography was born to fix the moments, but inside those moments there is the incessant flow of life. I believe that photodynamism helps show that flow" (A.L.).

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