La cosa più insensata da fare è rimanere immobili

Umberto Ciceri at Liquid art system Positano - 8th August 2018

Liquid art system is glad to announce the latest exhibition of Umberto Ciceri "La cosa più insensata da fare è rimanere immobili" ("The most senseless thing to do is to stay still")

The opening will be on August 8th at 6:30 at Liquid Positano 26.

“Seeing is in itself a creative process that requires an effort” maintained Matisse, and the most senseless thing to do during one of Umberto Ciceri's exhibitions is to stay still.
His dynamic works are like passages where pausing makes no sense, horizontal translations from left to right and vice versa which provoke the sensation of time in ourselves.
The Hypertraits now become bright, with a nocturnal character which can foster new changes of shape and new interfering colours. The light in the work triggers a phenomenon like the one created by the drops of water inside a rainbow, it bends the waves at different angles, it overlaps on the inks and reaches the eyes of the moving spectator, a sort of nano-impressionism which emphasizes the ever-changing nature of life.

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