La forma del ritmo

Umberto Ciceri at Museo Maga | October 8 - December 4 2022

Alongside the rearrangement of the collection, the MA * GA presents the personal exhibition of Umberto Ciceri. The exhibition project focuses on the artist's abstract-analytical production, which takes its inspiration from the Realist Manifesto (1920) by Naum Gabo and explores the chromatic experiments characterized by the authorial and innovative use of lenticular surfaces. The artist writes about the exhibition: "the visitors will move continuously, they will produce the necessary associations by themselves, they will make their own rhythm: the articles of the Declaration of Human Rights that follow one another, the bodies that stir, the songs regulated by codes geometric, colors on the threshold of invisibility, inlaid works composed according to contrapuntal rules, everything will resonate, proposing a contemplative and suspended perceptive atmosphere ”.

The exhibition itinerary is completed with the section set up inside the ViaMilanoLounge rooms at Milan Malpensa T1 airport.
The project is realized thanks to the support of Movie Skin and Liquid art system.

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