Liquid art system at CONTEXT Miami 2016

BOOTHS 123 and 314

Liquid art system is present at Context Miami with two different booths.
The first one is located in the center of the pavilion, near the VIP lounge; the second one is closer to the entrance of the art fair.

In the first one (presented as "Liquid art system") we will display the new production of some of our international artists. The 95% of the artworks is dedicated to figurative art.

This is the list of the artists in this booth:

Liquid art system
"New production by international artists"
Umberto Ciceri
Peter Demetz
Riccardo Evangelisti
Marco Grassi
Kim In Tae
Livia Marin
Andrea Pakanowski
Matteo Pugliese
Antonio Sannino
Matthias Verginer
Willy Verginer
Seo Young Deok

In the second one (presente as "Las project") we will display a special project curated by our gallery. In the booth visitors will be able to see a series of artworks by italian artists that all together will offer a clear idea of a classical modernism that is an artistic style still very common and successful in Italy today. We are the only gallery in the entire fair to have the opportunity to present a special project a part from the main booth.
This is the list of the artists in this booth:

Las Project
"Classical modernism in Italy in the 21st century"

Elisa Anfuso
Maurizio Bonfanti
Giacinto Bosco
Giorgio Conta
Gianfranco Meggiato
Silvio Porzionato
Paolo Quaresima
Federico Severino
Paolo Staccioli
Giuseppe Tirelli

In one corner of this second booth Las will present a project room (whose walls are completely painted of black paint, ceiling filtered by a black scrim, entrance close with a black curtain), dedicated to the project "Cupo Fuoco" by Roberto Ferri. The project is dedicated to the latin concept of "Vanitas". It is compose of three large paintings of 59 x 59 inches (150 x 150 cm), that committed the last 5 months of Ferri's production.

Project room
"Cupo Fuoco"
a special project by Roberto Ferri

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