Missing nature

Christian Verginer at Liquid art system Anacapri - 12th July 2018

"Missing nature" is the title of the latest exhibition by Christian Verginer at Liquid art system Anacapri.

The opening, on 12th of July 2018, will be at 6.30pm.

"Missing nature" seem to underline the lost of a past quiet moment, where humans and nature were two parts of a one divine and idyllic reality.

Wooden sculptures by Verginer, with their young characters, seem to have a predestination to fail the relation with the world of Nature: in philosophy, some theories support the idea that men become corrupted by progress society and evolution, and they only act under their egoistic aim to survive. So, a sick and tired nature tries to hold on besides all the troubles caused by man.

But the missing nature that Christian Verginer wants to represent is not only the one of the outside world. There is another one, at risk, of the human being, regarding the purity of our feelings and our thoughts. The only way is trying to preserve the little child that lives inside each one of us.

As in the Verginer's style, some important details are enphasised by the use of color, the green one. In this way, the artist express the symbology of his sculptures and the connection between the human figures and the nature.

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