Peter Demetz at Liquid art system Positano 26 - 18th July 2018

Liquid art system is glad to present the exhibition “Presences” by Peter Demetz

The opening will be on the 18th July at 6:30 pm at Liquid art system Positano 26.

Woodworking is a fundamental part of the culture of the Northern Italy region where Peter Demetz comes from, Trentino Alto Adige: Ortisei, his hometown, proudly represents a great tradition of wooden sculpture.

Peter Demetz easily found a way to combine this ancient tradition with a contemporary formal language. Artworks by Demetz are lightbox, simple and clean, that play with background's colors to better showing up the characters inside them.

With a three-dimensional point of view, subjects get caught in everyday life, with very natural poses and acts, and the viewer seem to have a reserved seat to spy on the intimacy of people.

In each lightbox, the artist press the “pause” buttom in different times of life: details are perfect, sculpted in every single particular, as they come from a specific moment. Time has not the same significance, it doesn't exist, not at the same way. It seems to stop and then starting again when the observer ins't able to look at the artworks.

Artworks by Peter Demetz leave in their wake a strong memory of their characters presences, so that it's almost possible to imagine how their world could keep going on after looking at them.

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