Sunset with the artist - Peter Demetz

Peter Demetz at Treville Positano - 19th August 2021

Another appointment for an aperitif at sunset, at Treville Positano, on August 19th at 6 pm, in collaboration with the Liquid art system: the protagonist will be the South Tyrolean artist Peter Demetz, originally from Bolzano and great spokesman of the ancient tradition of wooden sculpture.

Born in 1969, Demetz completed his studies at the art institute of Ortisei and immediately started an apprenticeship at the workshop of master Heinrich Demetz, thus obtaining his master's in sculpture and already participating in numerous fairs and exhibitions throughout the world.

The sculptures by Peter Demetz, fascinating three-dimensional wall lightboxes, show figures of men, women, children in relation to each other and on colored backgrounds, which accentuate the depth of the works.

The lightboxes almost seem to show cross-sections of the daily life of the people depicted who, often turning their backs to those who observe the works, find themselves immersed in an extremely intimate dimension, of which we are privileged spectators, with a window on their moments of privacy.

There is never eye contact between the subject and the observer, giving the impression that these figures are trapped in their own world: they are aware of being observed yet leave an empty space between themselves and the observer.

With the opportunity to get to know the artist, Sunset with the artist - Peter Demetz is another wonderful appointment to enjoy an aperitif at sunset, surrounded by the beauty of art.

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