Ten women's soul

Liquid art system Capri - 5th July 2018

Liquid art system is pleased to present “Ten women's soul”, the first all-women collective, exhibited among the spaces of Capri.

Ten women, ten artists, one soul: the opening will be on 5th July at 7:00 pm, and the common thread will be the perception of the world through the female creativity.

Sculptures, paintings, photography, mixed media. A world of visions, various as the women's universe, sensitive and full of shades. Each artist, with her personality and style, declares her power and freedom of expression, in a society not totally conscious.

The exhibited artworks talk about inner worlds, dreams and delicacy; but also courage,  confidence and beauty.

Women's world is in the balance between an appearance of nice fragility and a more strong and tenacious nature.
These characteristics are not incompatible and the artists demonstrate it with their works: “Ten women's soul” appears as an exploration trip in very different places but with a common root: female sensitivity.

Artists will be: Elisa Anfuso, Francesca Cesarini, Ilaria Del Monte, Daniela Diaz, Marica Fasoli, Carole Feuerman, Alessandra Lanzafame, Livia Marin, Eliana Petrizzi, Sarah Van Hoe

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