Theatrum mundi

Silvio Porzionato at MAC in Milan - 25th September 2018

Liquid art system proudly announces the next exhibition of Silvio Porzionato “Theatrum mundi” at the MAC, in Milan.

The opening will be on Tuesday September 25th, at 7pm, for a night of art, music and culture.

Curated by Angelo Crespi, “Theatrum mundi” presents paintings by Silvio Porzionato as a great stage of human characters, depicted with strong personalities and deep inner worlds.

This project, promoted by Liquid art system, also includes the spaces of the central Mondadori store in Piazza Duomo in Milan, where some paintings by Porzionato will be exhibited.

“Theatrum mundi” will connect spaces and people throught the beauty of culture. We're all characters of the same play, and Silvio Porzionato catches every single beautiful imperfection of human beings playing the rhole of living the life.

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