This is the day I meet Zhuang Hong Yi

Zhuang Hong Yi at Liquid Capri - 29 August 2020

The solo exhibition of artist Zhuang Hong Yi will open on Saturday 29 September at the Liquid art system in Capri.

“This is the day I meet Zhuang Hong Yi”: this is the title of the exhibition, which underlines the highly anticipated presence of the artist in the gallery during the opening, after an absence from Capri of about nine years.

Zhuang then returns to the island with an exhibition of the very latest works, created in the early months of 2020: the flowerbeds, installations in rice paper on canvas that are reminiscent of colorful flower beds.

The artist creates flower cones in rice paper which he then paints with acrylic color. A common feature are the different shades that in each work change according to the point of view of the observer: inside each cone the color changes and it is in this way that the magic of the nuance is realized, accompanying the observer in a a journey of ever new shapes and colors.

A hallmark of Zhuang Hong Yi, the flower beds are the perfect union of the two cultures of which Laurea is the son: the eastern one, which manifests itself through the use of rice paper, and the western one that has adopted it since the artist he moved to Holland, which testifies not only to his interest in flowers, petals and buds but also and above all for a certain representation of the landscape which has very ancient roots in the history of European art.

With his sophisticated and harmonious works, Zhuang Hong Yi is one of the leading artists of the Liquid art system, with which he has been collaborating since 2011. Once again, Franco Senesi's network of contemporary art galleries is the spokesperson for beauty , inserting the Chinese artist's solo show in the long series of projects dedicated to affirming and confirming Capri as an island of art and a meeting point for multiple artistic possibilities.

The exhibition will be open until 10 September.

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