Daniel Sigalot (Blue and Joy) at the Reggia di Caserta

16 JUNE -16 JULY

It is the largest exhibition ever made by this artist, which will take up 7 rooms of the 18th Century Back-rooms.
Daniele Sigalot's works do not merely create a simple contrast between contemporary times and the past, but they are mostly the result of a long study about the Royal Palace of Caserta and its history.

From the beginning, Daniele's wish was to identify with one of the members of the court of the Royal Palace and to integrate his work within a narrative which is still astonishing and revolutionary: the one that made the Royal Palace of Caserta so monumental and prestigious.

The title of the exhibition, All is already yours, is a tribute to Charles III of Spain: it is a quote from the Volume I of Antiquities of Herculaneum Exposed, a fundamental work about the culture of the antiquity, born from the activity of the Herculaneum Academy, founded by the enlightened sovereign himself.
On the first page of the book, one can read the words of the Herculaneum Academics addressed to the king:

“In offering to Your Majesty, the Volume I of the Antiquities of Herculaneum and region, concerning a very small part of your paintings, we feel the great honour resulting from Your benignity. All of what we bring to You is already Yours”
(from: Ancient paintings of Herculaneum and region, engraved and described.Volume I, Naples, Regia Stamperia " Royal Press, 1757)

Like the Herculaneum Academics, Daniele Sigalot is aware that offering something to a king, who already owns everything, is an audacious gesture and being able to surprise him is even more daring.
And if the King in 1757 was only one, nowadays the visitors of the Royal Palace are millions and, perhaps, being able to surprise them is even more difficult because they are already immersed in a masterpiece of beauty.

Therefore, the artist tiptoes into and grasps the inspirations of the palace: the paper planes (aluminium) that made him famous cannot fail to take into consideration the place where they are and they glide and reproduce the floor of the Astrea room nearby.
The references to the Royal Palace are numerous and follow one another in almost all the rooms: nothing is left to chance, despite the playful approach to the art that has always characterized the Blue and Joy style.

Sigalot's works will also be displayed on the Grand Staircase of Honour and at the entrance of the Royal Palace. For the first time, the artist dealt with steel in these works.
The exhibition, made in collaboration with Liquid Art System, closes with a work made to last 1000 years, not a minute longer, which accompanies and, at the same time, challenges the timelessness of the Royal Palace.

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