Unchained - Open Air Exhibition

Capri | June - October 2019

"Unchained" is a traveling exhibition on the island of Capri with works by Seo Young Deok and Paolo Staccioli.

The protagonist of the iconic Piazzetta of Capri this summer will be the sculptures of South Korean Seo, famous for his large-scale works depicting human figures using stainless steel chains made from industrial machinery and bicycles. From Venice to Capri, Liquid Art System brings to the Piazzetta an impressive sculpture of Seo, taken from the Meditation series . After "Dystopia" exhibition in the little Church of the Misericordia of the Serenissima, the great "mask" of the Korean artist arrives in the heart of Capri, just a stone's throw from the Campanile. In early August, another imposing sculpture of Seo, depicting a man body will be exhibited in Piazzetta. The sinuous and melancholy works of Seo present faceless characters plagued by the disease of mechanization and the industrialization of today's society. Perfect works in their almost sacral posture that will dialogue with Capri most visited and photographed areas.

Seo explores the relationship between human beings and their environment. The artist mainly deals with the human body which he considers an essential element of his work. Nude and faceless subjects, in a series of poses and postures, although formed from welded steel, they almost seem to be sculpted or shaped by a malleable material.

Paolo Staccioli, a Tuscan artist known internationally for his sculptures and ceramics, will complete the itinerant exhibition along Via Camerelle and in the Piazzetta Cerio. Several times protagonist of the exhibitions en plein air, in Capri and in the most beautiful cities of Italy, the works of Staccioli depict fantastic characters, warriors, travelers, cardinals, horses. Figures of myth and daily life, sculpted in bronze, in a dimension outside of time.

With "Unchained", Liquid art system "gives freedom" to international artist's artworks, put them in communication with the most representative locations of the island.

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