Antonio Sannino Solo Show at Selvin Gallery from May 28th until June 28th 2016

In the work of Antonio Sannino there are several references to the Italian traditional painting. For example, we could mention the origins of the opera theater in Italy: the first performances were made in the gardens of the nobles' palaces, where the view of the town acted as the stage background; later, when theaters started to perform inside buildings, the background landscape kept on representing the town, but as a painted image. Matter, color, and light make the work extremely appealing supported by the technique to prepare the canvas and by the deep and thick brush strokes. Fatally, one can read the symbols of the portrayed passion, the sentimental fervor, the mirrored loneliness, the enchanted rush of its daily encounters. Sannino, born in Naples where he lives and works, following to his many exhibitions all around the world, continues to enchant the visitor with the penetrating images that he uses to interpret the life around us. Thanks to this project, he has been able once again to transform an ancient idea into something brand new, that interacts with any kind of environment, by transferring the visitor inside the painted surface. Sannino goes beyond the limits of the media, by breaking the two-dimensional nature of the canvas and bringing the visitors into his own view of New York City and Istanbul town as it happens with virtual reality glasses. In this case, the painting is the tool of an increased reality. Dream and reality, emotion and contemplation mix inside the landscapes of the mind, expressions of sensory perception, to establish a direct and intimate contact with the works.
Marco Izzolino

«New York and Istanbul distant but charming, dragged me into a frantic and totally new world that I tried to represent in all its beauty. Istanbul is a city very similar to soul of Naples. So the passion and the energy transmitted is very enveloping. I tried to convey this emotion on my canvases»
«Each single work - from the UNDRESSED series, as the installation - speaks of an unusual place (sometimes without horizon), almost hidden to the eyes of passers-by, that could inspire a reflection for the absence of human beings and mechanical objects, fully "UNDRESSED" to pretend to leave everything as it is, to stop time and wait...».
Antonio Sannino

Antonio Sannino was born in Naples in 1959. He lives and works in Naples and Rome.
He is been focusing for years in portraying "landscapes". Sannino has been able to create new representations of the landscape, by searching new framing, re-drawing the space and its contents. He uses his camera to catch the best light in his pictures, that moment when everything seems to be frozen and timeless.
His sea surfaces do not only reproduce water but they emphasize the transparency and light. From the water, vital and primary element, he shifts to urban spaces with a project called "UNDRESSED", presented at the Complesso del Vittoriano in Rome, including 19 medium-sized and large works that represent three cities: Naples, Rome and New York. He removes any irrelevant objects and gives the viewer a new way to perceive the time and the space we live in. Thanks to a well-developed and effective technique, he has started to look beyond, towards other landscapes, other places, where the nature constantly clashes with artificial elements, in the great urban metropolises. Here, the polluted atmosphere, the thick wind of artificial smoke, becomes a new matter to be portrayed and reproduced to the touch, as well as the large flat surfaces covered in bitumen to allow the car traffic.
His works are displayed in international museums and galleries and are longed for by collectors from all over the world.
He is been working in cooperation with Liquid art system since 2008.

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