Matteo Procaccioli at Liquid art system Capri. 2 June - 3 July 2018

The solo show “Vestiges” by the photographer Matteo Procaccioli curated by Angelo Crespi will open on Saturday June 2 2018 at 7pm, at the Liquid art system Capri.
After “Microcities” (metropolis seen from above) and “Structures” (abandoned constructions), new works of the artist " eight large-scale photographs " are based on the vestige, that means traces that Romans left in the most extraordinary archeological site of the world, Pompei.
“Procaccioli looks into and investigates " as the latin origin of vestige- a panorama that we could imagine exhausted from billion of images taken from tourists as souvenirs, postcards and selfies modified with smartphone's filters, but that instead still reveals intact angles, virgin representations.
His images without the human presence catch, with a recognizable style between pittorialism and precisionism, stone's relics lonely and lost, that can seem less distant and cold only with using the lyrism of color. High quality result remind to the viewer memory of ancient pomps but with the fierce loneliness of contemporary age, even if in a dimension we can define “sacred”.
- Angelo Crespi.

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