Viewing Room

Antonio Sannino - 30th April 2020

Liquid art system proudly presents its own viewing room

Through the red - Antonio Sannino

This type of exhibitions, in which the works of an artist or a series of artists are focused, through photos, videos and curatorial insights, approach the collector who can access the "room" in an almost physical way, easily interacting with the proposed contents.

Liquid Art System, in a relationship of trust with its collector, proposes an investment linked to the passion, the desire for beauty that resists each person and that the true work of art is capable to fullfill.

And it is precisely with Through the red that this loyalty path begins, proposing a work by Antonio Sannino.

In this work, the technical skills of the Neapolitan painter are enhanced: he is capable of thicking the material " almost as the informal way " on the louminus aluminum surface, to build a scenic fiction in which the birches in the foreground, hiding it, show the woods behind them.

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