Viewing Room

Umberto Ciceri - 14th May 2020

Does an artwork exist on its own or it exists only as a relationship with its viewer?  

This is a profound dilemma that Umberto Ciceri seems to solve in his Hypertraits, works that must be looked at while moving. And when one moves, the artwork animates in an indissoluble union with the viewer who, ultimately, becomes the key player of the synallagma; and each time the experience changes according to the state of mind of the viewer and to the ability of the eye to perceive the steadiness or, on the contrary, to the predisposition to be deceived by the illusion of the movement that he/she is creating, by moving around.

The latest Viewing Room by Liquid Art System , titled Demo of balance in a state of grace, is dedicated to Ciceri's works: his lenticular installations are able to sublimate the paradigm of a still point where there is no dance and, at the same time, there is dance, as the poet T.S. Eliot would say, the still point of the turning world where everything happens by staying still, “immotus nec iners”, still but not inert.

Demo of balance in a state of grace

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