Wooden Balance

Matthias Verginer at Liquid art system Capri - 18th May 2018

Liquid art system proudly announces the exhibition of Matthias Verginer in Capri.

On 18th May 2018 from 6:30pm, the artist Matthias Verginer will be present at Liquid Capri with his new works. The exhibition “Wooden Balance” is about human figures and irony.

Through his sculptures, Matthias Verginer wants to provocate our mind, making us reflect about human bodies and how we feel looking at something is not the model of standard beauty. This ironic work is accentuated by the provocation of precarious balance and also by the relation between human body and animals showing proportions very different from real life.

But the “Balance” of Matthias Verginer is not just the concrete one. The artist talks also about life and situations and how we react at them. Wooden sculptures of the artist require a not passive reaction of the viewer, but his questioning about what he is looking at: animals behind people could be problems of everyday life, the not-iconic woman with her wings could be a dreamer.

Matthias Verginer works remind us how much we have to share besides our appearance. Every single sculpture has a story, just as every person in the world.

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